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By Jeannette Haley        From Genesis to Revelation, we read about the holy angels of God; in fact, so much so that most of us


By Jeannette Haley Sometimes an old song unexpectedly begins to flow through your mind, bringing with it heartwarming emotions and colorful images of days gone

THE MAZE By Rayola Kelley

The Book of Ephesians is what I have been intensely studying for our Friday night fellowship. It is a favorite book of many believers because


By Jeannette Haley Sometimes when your brain becomes weary and you feel like you’re on“overload” this question “Does it really matter?” can sneak its way

Q: “Can you please explain how to know if a person is truly born again? I have a couple of close friends who always go to church and say that they’ve “always believed,’ but they don’t have a testimony of ever being broken over sin, or repenting, or making Jesus Lord of their lives. Nor do they have any desire to share Christ with the lost. Thank you.”

A: Hebrews 6:9 tells us there will be things that will accompany salvation, mainly a changed life (Ephesians 4:17-23). Jesus was clear that we must