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By Jeannette Haley “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine” Solomon’s Song 6:3 It is quite obvious that the cycles and rhythms of American traditions continue to function in spite of all the world-shaking events that rage over and around us. They are as predictable as the drumbeats at a Pow Wow. For example, […]

Living In Insane Times Part 1 By Rayola Kelley

Regardless of the challenging times we live in, people have an incredible ability to adapt in challenging situations, and when they come to plateaus, they develop the attitude that upon surviving such times, that they can get by no matter what is going on around them. However, their ability to put up with greater bondage […]


By Jeannette Haley It’s impossible to number all the different religions that exist among earth’s nearly 8 billion inhabitants; but regardless of the multitudes of beliefs, traditions and practices that 85 percent of the people put their faith in, there is only one that holds the key to eternal life and that is real Christianity. […]

Q: “What do you say to Christian men who have a problem with the fact that they are part of the bride of Christ? After all it is a feminine position and in this upside-down world where everything sacred is under attack, especially gender, how can this matter be rectified in an edifying way?” 

A: First of all, there is no gender when it comes to the instruments and vessels God uses in His kingdom work. He is no respecter of persons and does not regard the outside stature of a person but tests and tries their heart. Such a perspective eliminates a lot of criteria that we humans […]


Here we are another year passing us by like a run-away locomotive. Depending on where you are in the timeline of your life, we each eventually become more aware of how we are indeed a creature of time. For each of us there was clearly a beginning, and each year brings us face to face […]


By Jeannette Haley        From Genesis to Revelation, we read about the holy angels of God; in fact, so much so that most of us generally take it for granted that angels are real beings with great powers who serve the Most High God day and night. Our understanding of angels can be enhanced by […]

WHERE TO LOOK By Rayola Kelley

To me one of the hardest things to do is to know where to look for things that are lost and obscured in the midst of darkness, uncertainty, and what seems to be utterly ridiculous. I can’t count the times I have lost something and looked for it to only fail to see it or […]

Q: What does it mean to count the cost for a believer?

A: Counting the cost was in relationship to Jesus counting the cost when it came to the cross. The disciples told Him that they were willing to partake of the cup He was about to drink when it came to Him drinking of that great cup of sorrow during His trek up Calvary. In essence […]