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LIVING IN INSANE TIMES Part 4 By Rayola Kelley

For the last couple of months, I have been considering what it means to survive the times we live in. I do not think the question for a believer is how do I survive these times but how do I stand in these times, withstand them, and continue to stand. There is a difference between […]


Last month I talked about what are we expecting when Jesus comes for us. Much of our expectation today does not rest with Jesus coming for us but what we will be supposedly spared from experiencing in these dark times. Are we watching for Jesus because we want to avoid having our faith tested, our […]

Q: “When you go through sickness and trials is God chastening you?”

A: No, not necessarily. God uses different means to get our attention. He allows sickness and trials to usually test, enlarge, and bring our faith to maturity. Such things will cause us to look up to Him to walk us through trying times. Peter referred to it as the fiery test of our faith in […]