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About Gentle Shepherd Ministries

Gentle Shepherd Ministries was established in 1989 when God merged the ministries of Rayola Kelley and Jeannette Haley together.

Goal of Gentle Shepherd Ministries

The Goal of Gentle Shepherd Ministries is to preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to make disciples in compliance with the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19). This ministry also labors to equip the saints for the ministry of servanthood. As a mature and seasoned Bible teacher and speaker, Rayola imparts depth and substance to the hearer. She knows her subject well and has authored numerous books and Bible studies.

Areas of Ministry Scriptural Counseling
  • Family
  • Teenagers, children
  • Marital, pre-marital
  • Singles, divorced
Ministering Deliverance from:
  • Destructive cycles in relationships
  • Fear, anger, oppression, hopelessness
  • Suicidal tendencies, addictions
  • Confusion, guilt, shame
GSM School of Ministry: (Equipping the saints to serve) About GSM

GSM Leaders

Rayola Kelley was born again and saved out of a cult in 1976 while serving in the U.S. Navy. Her spiritual journey continued through extensive discipleship, before following the Lord’s call upon her life into full-time ministry. Through the years, Rayola’s gift of teaching the Word has opened many doors for her to teach adult Sunday school, various Bible studies, oversee a fellowship, conduct evangelistic meetings, and retreats, and serve in jail ministry. She is well known for her gift of spiritual insight and counseling.

Upon being called to be a missionary in America, Rayola, along with Jeannette Haley established different fellowships where intense Bible Studies and discipleship training were conducted to equip believers for the ministry. These different mission fields in America entailed working in various churches as well as working with other cultures such as Korean and Hispanic nationalities.

Rayola has authored over 50 books and numerous Bible Studies including an advanced Discipleship Course that is being used in countries such as Africa, Bulgaria, Israel, Ireland, India, Cuba, Pakistan and New Guinea. Among her many books is “HIDDEN MANNA” which deals with destructive cycles in people and relationships, and “BATTLE FOR THE SOUL” which presents a clear picture of the battle that rages in the soul. She has written six devotional books, one of which takes the reader through the entire Bible in one year.

Rayola, along with her co-laborer in the Gospel, Jeannette Haley, have appeared on Christian TV, as well as various radio programs. She also had her own radio program called “The Bottom Line.” She gives various seminars such as the “Hidden Manna Seminars” which are unique in content, helping people discover their potential in Christ, shedding new light on God’s purpose for marriage, and giving invaluable insight to parents.  Rayola also conducts seminars that train and prepare Christians for leadership.

Although versatile in her service to her Lord, she still maintains that the most important aspect of the Christian life is to sit at the feet of Jesus, and gain greater revelation of His infinite character and glorious redemption. She stresses this basic truth to those who sit under her teaching.

Jeannette Haley is a minister, writer and professional artist, and has been in Christian work for over thirty years. She writes Bible studies, articles and Christian novels for children and adults with the goal of challenging readers to discover the reality of Christ and their need for Him as Savior and Lord.

Jeannette is an evangelist at heart and, like her co-laborer, was also called to be a missionary in America, the third largest mission field in the world. Although she lost her voice in 1996 to a condition known as Spasmodic Dysphonia, she continues to evangelize through tracts and the Internet. She has displayed her leadership, as well as her versatile talents, as a pianist in worship services. She has spent precious time overseeing children’s Sunday school, as well as writing the materials taught in the classes, always ensuring their Scriptural integrity.

Due to her talents, she has expressed her sincere heart towards God in various art forms including 14 murals for the Chapel of the Resurrection at Cedar Park Assembly of God Church in Bothell, Washington, as well as in various books and Bible Studies. Her sensitivity towards God has been revealed in her children’s books, and her fierce loyalty to His truth in her monthly articles and fiction Christian books. She continues to prove to be a seasoned and compassionate minister to those who seek her wisdom and guidance.

Both Jeannette and Rayola have various Bible studies and books, including the Discipleship Course that has been compared to a four-year Bible School course. Rayola’s in-depth books number over fifty, (which includes six daily devotionals) and are for the serious student of the Bible. She currently teaches two Bible studies a week, and oversees a home fellowship.

Other Team Members: Carrie Seaney has added her various talents to furthering the work of the mission of Gentle Shepherd Ministries. Her faithfulness has greatly benefited the ministry.

Carrie’s goal is to glorify God in song. Her music ministry includes evangelistic words that reaches hearts and lives with a touch from heaven. Carrie has recorded three solo CD’s, and partnered with Krista for a Christmas CD.

As exhorted by Proverbs 15:22, through the years there have been various liaisons and advisors who have not only faithfully supported Gentle Shepherd Ministries, but have brought needed wisdom and balance. Due to the ministry moving to different areas for the last two decades, the numerous faces of these advisors has changed, but they remain a valuable part of the foundational integrity and maintenance of GSM.

Gentle Shepherd Ministries is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.