Contending for the faith | Making Disciples | Equipping the Saints for Ministry

  • Establishing a Godly Foundation
  • What is Rebellion?
  • True Repentance
  • The Three Forms of Pride
  • The Three Needs of People
  • Understanding Our Nature
  • The Traits of Each Nature
  • Exciting Insight into Certain Bible Characters
  • Recognize Your Strength and Be an Overcomer
  • Discover Your Potential in God
  • Marriage and Children
  • Fresh Challenges From God’s Word for Husbands and Wives
  • Learn How to Properly Respond to Your Child
  • Recognize and Learn How to Stop Cycles and Patterns in Relationships
  • What Really Influences Your Children
  • Serving God
  • Defining True Ministry
  • Secrets of Sharing Christ Successfully
  • Identifying Differences Between Rebellion and Spiritual Oppression
  • Experiencing Liberty in the Spirit


Hidden Manna is the best-kept secret in the Kingdom of God.” — Dr. Dick Loyd, Ph.D., Seattle, WA Christian Counselor; former missionary to New Guinea

“Thank you so much for your excellent book, Hidden Manna. God has really given you insight and I know many will be set free. I was helped more by your book than any other on knowing about yourself . . . your book gave me life!” — Fran Lance, International Speaker, Bellevue, WA

Hidden Manna Seminars are an invaluable resource for information and insight for all people. Since children as well as adults employ various learning styles and skill levels in the reception of information, a definite understanding of how information is received and processed is vital . . .”   — Gary R. Peterson, former Administrator, Cedar Park Christian School, Bothell, WA

“We are so thankful the Lord has brought you into our lives. Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to affect our lives in such a great way!” — Pastor Michael Glaser, Cornerstone Pentecostal Church, Idaho Falls, ID

“Understanding the four natures has liberated me from bondages that have been in my life at least 50 years. The ministry of GSM has brought me into a higher realm in my Christian walk. I love God more, want to see His kingdom come on earth, and have a greater hunger and desire to be part of the end-time harvest. I feel ‘born again’ again.” — Gloria Craft, Past President, Women’s Aglow, Pocatello, ID

“The seminar opened my husband and I up to each other. It was like a miracle happened. I will be thankful to God forever for this seminar because as a result we had the best two weeks of our marriage before God took Dick home.” — Sue Donahue, Bothell, WA

“After attending the Hidden Manna Seminar, I was better able to understand myself and my children.  They in turn, after one-on-one with Rayola were able to understand themselves, allowing us to better communicate and understand each other.  — Karen Buckardt, WA

“I have gone through the Hidden Manna Seminar three times, each time learning more truths.  The information is very insightful and has helped me understand myself and other people.  I have seen “good fruit” come out of these seminars and would recommend it to everyone.” — Pastor Bernie Sanders, WA

“This teaching gives a clearer descriptive portrait of what people really are than any information I have ever heard.”  — Doug Phillips, WA

“The Human Nature Course has given me a better understanding of myself and others.  I would highly recommend this (seminar) to anyone who has conflicts in relationships as a way to grow and mature.” — Lorrie Anderson Jones, WA

“These teachings are neither psychology nor self-helps (as I first suspicioned they might be) but are actually tools that bring understanding and release from the resistive cycles of human natures.” — Elaine Johnson, WA

“The seminar gives me peace because now I know I am not unusual and also helped me realize my potential.  It gives me insight into my children and helps me confront their problems.  We can evaluate crisis and problems more successfully in our relationships with each other.” — Joan Pray, WA

“The Hidden Manna Seminar I attended has enabled me to understand and guide my 8-year-old “Self-Assured” son.  I feel that potential heartbreak has been avoided.  I am very grateful to Rayola and Jeannette for their continued support and availability.” — Nikki Christensen, WA

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