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Last month I talked about what are we expecting when Jesus comes for us. Much of our expectation today does not rest with Jesus coming for us but what we will be supposedly spared from experiencing in these dark times. Are we watching for Jesus because we want to avoid having our faith tested, our […]


We clearly live in precarious times. It appears as if the world has gone mad as never before, but the truth is the world has always been mad. It has been mad due to wickedness, injustice, despair, sorrow, and death. It has been insane because man often does not want to face the truth about […]

THE SKY IS FALLING! By Rayola Kelley

Since my salvation in 1976, the continual theme through the initial years of my Christian walk was preparation. When I first became a Christian, the main call was to be prepared because Jesus could come at any time. I was teethed on the rapture and Jesus’ second coming. I don’t know how many times we […]

Should You Be In Agreement? Part 4: Totally Seduced

We have been looking at what we as believers can come into agreement with. There are those who are willing to accept a mere image of God that would undermine His deity rather than discern how each person of the Godhead, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit manifests themselves. With the Godhead there […]

Should You Be In Agreement? Part 3: Conditioning

For the last couple of months, we have been considering the different presentations of God. For example, in the popular fiction book, The Shack has erroneously been made into theology by zealots–the Father was a black woman, the Son a “good old boy,” and the Holy Spirit was represented by an Asian woman. Even though […]

Should You Be In Agreement Part 2? Render Common, Becoming Reprobate

Last month I talked about how God will manifest Himself to us. The Bible speaks of the Godhead and we know that within the Godhead are three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (Acts 17:29; Romans 1:20). We also know according to Acts 17:30-31 that God is not winking at ignorance concerning […]

SHOULD YOU BE IN AGREEMENT? Part 1: Manifestations

As a former cult member, the real issue of salvation comes down to one issue: Jesus Christ. However, this matter does not hinge on a name, a certain religious affiliation, or even a creed. It comes down to who you say Jesus is (Matthew 16:13-17). Peter summarized it best when he answered, “Thou art the […]


Recently I watched a documentary that made an unsettling impression on me. It was based on a tragic, true incident that had to be disheartening to anyone who watched it. It simply started out with three young men in their late teens and early 20’s playing a prank on a family one Friday night in […]

Consequences Part 2: HEAVEN OR HELL

Last month I talked about consequences, ending on the depressing note of hell. Whether we like it or not the Bible is clear that the way to heaven is narrow and hard, and the way to hell paved with various things from good intentions, good deeds, decent ways, and religion that riddled with piousness that […]

Traditions! Part 2

Last month we looked at traditions. As nations, cultures, and families we have our “traditions.” They are important because they are a common ground for people upon which they can meet. However, in many cases people do not know why we observe the days and times we do. Many traditions are simply accepted because it […]