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Heavenly Gems


Gods Word speaks of His wisdom benefits the soul and guides the wise man in His ways.  The truths of God’s wisdom are like sapphires that radiate the beauty of heaven. Its insights resemble rubies that bring indescribable value to the Christian walk, and it produces emeralds that speak of fruitfulness.

Heavenly Gems is the third book in a series  that records gems of heavenly wisdom and inspirational stories and poems that will prove to be useful for those seeking inspiration while trying to juggle a busy lifestyle. This collection of sayings and stories are intended to touch the heart, challenge the resolve, and inspire the Christian to forge ahead in his or her Christian faith. Whether a few gems are applied for the day or a lode is discovered exposing gems to be carefully extracted, they will bring a certain touch of heaven to one’s daily walk.

Although the wisdom of these gems may ring with some familiarity, they are able to create a beautiful mosaic of the glorious reality of God and His eternal Word.

Heavenly Gems

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