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Transforming Love & Beyond


One of the great desires and searches of the human heart surrounds love. In our society it has been promoted to the point that it has become an obsession that is used to fill the financial coffers of many in the movie and music industry. Sadly, the subject of love is exploited and promoted in an unrealistic, perverted fashion, causing much confusion to those who are in search of it. To many people love is a feeling, while to others it is a concept, and for some it is a terrible joke that proves to be illusive.

Transforming Love & Beyond is a book that takes a person through and beyond the conceptual, emotional, and skeptical notions about true love and exposes the reader to its spiritual and eternal virtue. In the pages of this book you will read about three different individuals: the author, the Shulamite girl in the Song of Solomon, and a mysterious companion. The stories of these three companions hold similarities as to what each of them discovers about real love, in spite of their diverse background settings.  These companions take the earnest seeker who desires to possess the great treasure of love on an incredible journey to discover what true love is, while unveiling the secret of gaining the power to rise above the earthly, fleshly, and mental conflicts of worldly influences in order to gain perspective and renewed vision from the heights of eternity.

Transforming Love & Beyond

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