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Times Are A Changing

Facing the Elements

Part 12


By Rayola Kelley

      Creation reminds us that everything is in flux. We have the seasons that bring in necessary changes to ensure that life continues. We have time to mark changes in our lives to bring about maturity in body, soul, and spirit, we have calendars to remind us of how days easily enough march into the future without leaving any real mark, and we have the actual cycle of life and death that reminds us that life as we know it must come to an end to ensure regeneration of new life.

      The funny thing about change is that it is part of a current and there is nothing new about its cycles and ways. History reveals that what goes on in the present is often a repeat of the past. Years speak of how changes can be gradual, but eventually the years will be pulled back like curtains to reveal the changes that have actually taken place are natural. Months remind us that we can easily miss changes because we are caught up in responsibilities and events and not aware of the types of changes taking place before our eyes. Days make any desired or needed changes seem far away and impossible. Minutes and moments sometimes serve as stakes to mark changes, but they are often swallowed up by the cycle of life that continues like a current towards some final destination. When you consider the cycle of life, everything hits a peak where strength is at its height before ebbing away and beauty reaches its pinnacle only to fade like a flower (Psalm 103:13-16; James 4:14; 1 Peter 1:23-25). The only thing time can refine in our lives is love, faith, grace, and integrity.   

      Change, change, and change is happening all around us. For example, take our present newsletter. The Lord impressed us that we needed to downsize it and call it “The Bottom Line.” There is a story when it comes to the title. In dealing with people, it is not unusual for them to run you around some “Maypole” of excuses, suppositions, and justifications for their misery, defeatist attitude, and their state of hopelessness because the bottom line to their plight is that life has not gone their way. Whether they use the blame game by pointing to others, the shuffle game that is designed to take your eye away from the real problem that, like Cain in Genesis 4:5-7, lies at the door of their self-will, or wearing the garb of fake nobility that will make them look noble in their dishonorable, unscriptural state, they have no intention of letting you get to the bottom of the matter at hand. However, without getting to the bottom of something in order to honestly face it, you won’t be able to address it with truth. Deception at any point when dealing with a pressing issue simply muddies the truth, causing confusion and weariness, and what springs from that are unresolved issues that drive, haunt, and bury people.     

      Since many people are experiencing changes on all levels, this article will descend to the bottom line about the significance of changes in our lives. There is no way we can avoid them, but what we do with and about them determines the attitudes and fruits of our lives.

      Some changes we don’t know about because unless it touches our small world, we continue on as usual, and yet such changes are capable of turning our world upside down in the twinkling of an eye. Other changes we take note of are those that intrude into our world in such a way that the very moment, minute, or day is frozen in our mind and forever established as some type of memorial that will be re-erected by an incident or memory. There are personal changes that we are not always aware of because they occur when we are either trying to survive some great challenge or we are trying to work our way through darkness that keeps us focused on stepping lightly on a path that is foreign to us.

      Changes create a dichotomy in people. They can fear changes or desire them. The key as to whether people either fear changes or desire them often comes down to whether they feel they are in control, or determining, the changes that cross the bow of their boat of life. Unexpected changes are feared because people do not know how to control them, and expected changes are often resented because they are necessary or forced. The truth is most changes can’t be controlled. They come with the season, the testing, the challenge, and the cycles of life.

      The truth is, in order for people to control changes, they must be God. For them to not resent changes they must control the script and for changes to not create fear, they must be able to control how they make them feel and look in the end. Since changes are part of a current within the great current of life, they will come and go with the tides and different seasons of our life which ultimately determines the type of changes that come at us.

      Changes imply something will, and must, change in our life to endure the time we are living in. They are like neon signs to wake us up to what is happening around us. Anytime there are variations that shake us, we need to become alert as to what may be before us so we can properly discern and prepare for the challenges that are coming our way.

      Today there are many changes coming at us on an international and national front. It is referred to as the great “RESET.” What I am about to share with you is my understanding of these changes. Countries who go along with this reset that is referred to as the Nesara/Gesara, will make up different federations where they will be under one constitution instead of under the Maritime Law of the Cabal. By the way, this is not a new idea. A map back in the 1990s depicted where all the countries of the world were grouped into ten federations. For example, under this plan, the United States will maintain its sovereignty but will be grouped with countries such as Canada, Mexico, Australia, and New Zealand. This federation will have one overseer over it, as well as share in a new money system backed by gold. In fact, it has been reported that the printed money, referred to as “rainbow currency” has already been distributed to banks.

      How many are going to be shocked by the changes and how many will simply go with the flow? How many will step back and take the time to understand what is happening and consider where this is leading us. It is clear that the wicked, bankrupted Cabal (world-planners) had to be judged and completely brought down. It is also important to note that the Cabal also had a reset but it was to bankrupt the whole world with the Covid-19, lockdowns, masks, and all of its “variants” to bring all of us under complete tyranny. However, as I consider the setup of this new system, I can see how it could create an environment where a one-world government and economic system could be quickly set up.  

      Should this surprise believers? We know that whatever is happening will somehow usher in the prophetic events of the end of the last days. Many are seeking normalcy and peace to come once again, but the changes that are a coming are radical. Even the most unconscious person will have to admit something is going on. And, as far as peace, we may experience peace for a season but we must beware for 1 Thessalonians 5:3 warns us, “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.”      

      In most cases it seems like many of us as Americans live in a bubble, protected from a big bad world. As a result, most of our life seems the same because it is not unusual to get into patterns. It is for this reason people seek other activities to spice up what seems like a boring life. They often turn to sensationalism whether it is in entertainment, sports, and drugs to mix up the drudgery of life. They may busy themselves with some activity such as a craft or a collection, but to fill up time and to make time count are two different things. Filling time up may keep a person from being bored to death, while the other (making time count) can end in great satisfaction.

      Changes that intrude into our world bring us to crossroads of decision. We must decide whether we just go along with the change no matter how bad or good it is or will we face the change head on and learn from it. This means that the change will not be defining the way or direction we walk; rather, we will be defining the way we will respond to it.

      To define how a change will affect us, we sometimes must go against the grain of the flow of change because it is destructive, but in doing so we develop character. There will be times when we realize the change may not be beneficial to us and this is where we choose to step outside of it in order to see where it is going and in doing so, we learn discernment. There are times when we will defy such change because it is plainly wrong, and at such occasions we learn what it means to stand by faith for what is right. And, there are those times when we can actually step in the flow of change in order to enlarge our vision, ensure the integrity of our calling, and effectively advance forward to meet the challenges of our time.    

      People who simply go with the flow of changes often become disillusioned and skeptics towards life. They see life as being unfair because there is no personal regard to them. They can become judgmental towards those who dare go against the flow because they put a mirror up to them that causes them to wrestle with their own character and conscience.

      We must also be careful with how we confront changes in our life. If we prove too rigid with changes, we will either be broken or swept away into trying waters. If we prove to be too flippant, we will be caught off guard by some unexpected tidal wave and find ourselves floundering in a whirlpool of hopelessness. If we assume that we are above such changes, we will fall victim to them and if we presume that no matter what comes our way, we will survive it, we will find ourselves buried by them.

      As I look at my life, it is changing because age is catching up to me, but by the grace of God I will not let physical changes change my heart towards the Lord, cause my attitude to run amuck, justify wrong behavior, and settle for manifesting a mere impression of Christianity instead of living it. Granted, I find myself being very human when limitations of strength, pain, energy, and time tests my patience and wears down my resolve, but I know such challenges will pass in due time.

      As believers we may be faced with one change after another. In fact, how many of us are losing heart, becoming weary, and just plain heartsick over what we have been hearing and seeing? However, as believers, we know the one true God who never changes (Malachi 3:6). As our Rock, He will never move with the tides of time. As our Foundation, He will never move from what is true. As our Fortress, He will never be brought down by the tyrants of the age, and as our High Tower we have been placed above the roaring troubled seas of our time.

      Changes are coming, are already hitting up against the bulwarks of many lives, but we can stand sure that no matter what comes our way, we have a sure footing, and regardless of the desolation it causes, we have a sure inheritance that can’t be taken away; and regardless if we have anything left of this world that is significant to our well-being or not, we have an indelible hope of realizing the fullness of an eternal and abundant life in Christ (John 10:10).      

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