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End Day Confusion

      Q: I am so confused by what I am seeing and hearing concerning the days we are living in and where are we prophetically as far as the last days. I don’t know which way to turn or what to pursue and want to throw my hands up and forget it all. Could you help me sort through this mess?”

      A: My suggestion is that you cast everything aside except God, prayer, and His Word. You can trust God because His intent towards you is pure, but you must seek His perspective in prayer, whether it has to do with His truth, way, or will. You must seek all confirmation of any revelation revealed to you in His Word, but be sure you are not interpreting according to others’ personal interpretation, doctrine, and theology. This is where much of the confusion and division is coming from in the church. Prophecy must interpret the events and they must not be interpreted according to man’s theology.

      The Bible is clear that no prophecy is a matter of man’s private interpretation, but much prophecy concerning the days we are living in is being interpreted according to man’s theology, especially when it comes to Jesus’ coming (2 Peter 1:20-21). The problem with man’s interpretation is that it often misses the mark as to what must be emphasized. Vance Havner put this confusion in perspective, “It is possible to be worked up over the coming of the Lord without being stirred up about the Lord Who is coming. One is an event, the other is a Person, and it is the Person Who makes the event.” Clearly, Christians could avoid the confusion if they simply believe the Bible and follow its instructions concerning the time we are living in. This would cut out the debate because God’s people will not only be ready for His coming, but be prepared to stand regardless of what happens.

      I can understand your despair. The truth is we can’t believe most of what we hear or see. First of all, we can’t trust what we see because much of what is going on is hidden from the natural eyes. And even though, much of the wickedness that is finally manifesting itself was done in plain sight, we failed to discern it because we see through a glass darkly and do not know what we are looking for; therefore, we do not know what we are looking at until we end up tasting the bitterness of the fruit (Matthew 7:16, 20; 1 Corinthians 13:12).

      Before you can take anything seriously from around you, you must discern the source (1 Corinthians 2:12-14; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18). If the source has a personal agenda that promotes and twists the narrative, the person will be biased and therefore the information untrustworthy. It is easy to determine if someone is trying to seduce and indoctrinate you into a false reality by what they continually emphasize.

      Truth which is transparent and exposes what is really going on never emphasizes personal causes, is not tyrannically opinionated, nor does it insist on riding some horse into the ground because reality is proving different. Truth is truth and will not change, adjust, or budge according to others’ reality (1 Peter 1:22-25).   

      You must discern the spirit of the one who is delivering it (1 John 4:1). The one thing truth is void of is attitude. Truth stands on its own and will make an impact where ever it is properly delivered. People who fear its judgments because it is eternal and just, respect it because it is absolute in authority, and stand on it because it will never be moved or changed, will deliver it in the spirit of meekness (humility) and with sincere conviction, but they know that only the Holy Spirit can confirm it to an open heart and a willing spirit (2 Timothy 2:25; Titus 3:2; James 3:13).

      However, if people have an arrogant attitude that will not be challenged, they will in the end prove to be a fool. If they have an aggressive attitude, it is because they have a personal opinion about something or a cause that will not only pervert their judgment but cause people to be turned off to their presentation. If they try to arm wrestle, con, or with great personal diplomacy get people to see it their way, they will convince some but lose their credibility with those who are listening for the voice of their true Shepherd who simply speaks the truth (John 10). If they are contrary, they have no intention of changing their mind because they are stiff-necked and you must leave them in their particular pigpen.

      I could go on about what needs to be done, but I must go back to what I started with. God is truth, and there is no change in Him about what is so. Sincere prayer is the best way to set up a conducive environment where you can in all sincerity seek His perspective about a matter, and if something is so, there will be an agreement in your spirit and the Word will be able to confirm it.  Keep it simple, trust what the Word says, and if you have to try to fit something in to what you have been told or taught, put the teaching on the shelf and ask the Lord to confirm it one way of the other. He has always been faithful to do so for me.