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Hidden Manna


Read this book and you will never look at yourself or others in the same way again!

Hidden Manna is a book that exposes and explains human behavior according to God’s order in creation, and His desire to reveal the life of His Son in His people. Hidden Manna will help you to understand yourself, and others, in ways you never considered before. Learn why people have different needs, fears, perceptions, ways of approaching God and why they find themselves in destructive cycles. Learn what the four natures throughout all mankind represent according to Scripture, and what each Christian’s real potential is in the kingdom of  God. This book will challenge you to the core, bring you to the foot of the Cross, and set you free from misconceptions and conclusions about yourself and others. It will help unravel the complexities in your relationships, and give clarity as to why people respond the way they do in different situations. This book is full of surprises, and is indeed a priceless “hidden” gem waiting to be discovered.

“I have read a few of your books. (Hidden Manna and Interview in Hell). I thoroughly enjoyed both and was challenged by both of them. My mom even liked Hidden Manna, and she doesn’t usually like anything I bring to her. (She hasn’t seen Interview yet). I read each newsletter that comes here and praise God for your ministry.”  — SB, ND

“Hidden Manna is the best-kept secret in the Kingdom of God.” — Dr. DL, WA

“Thank you so much for your excellent book, HIDDEN MANNA.  God has really given you insight and I know many will be set free.  I was helped more by your book than any other on knowing about yourself…your book gave me life!” — FL, International Speaker, WA

“Understanding the four natures has liberated me from bondages that have been in my life at least 50 years.   The ministry of GSM has brought me into a higher realm in my Christian walk.   I love God more, want to see His kingdom come on earth, and have a greater hunger and desire to be part of the end-time harvest.  I feel ‘born again’ again.” — GC, ID

“The four-natures information has revolutionized my life, giving me a greater understanding of who I am and why I respond to situations the way I do.  It has helped me to understand where I have gone wrong in the past in relationships and opened up a whole new way of looking at people, problems and relationships.  I only wish everyone in this troubled world could read this book…I am sure it would cause a great revival.” — RC, WA

“I am so glad I found your book!  It has revolutionized my life!” — KJ, ID

“After reading Hidden Manna I knew that my life would never be the same.  It brought me into a new level of freedom I had never known.  I am finally able to appreciate who God has made me to be.  It has given me a greater understanding of those around me.  After seeing the “natures” I was then free to love myself and see the potential I had for being used of God.  I have since read it many times and looked back at it when in places of ministry or counseling others.” — SW, OR

Hidden Manna