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Do Christians Have To Obey Criminal Governments?
by Rayola Kelley

       Q: I am confused about my responsibility towards this liberal, godless president and Congress that are now in power. According to Romans 13:1, I am supposed to become subject to them, but how can I when they oppose everything that I believe in as a Christian? 

       A: The Scripture you are referring to is solely concerning relationship to righteous rulers, including those of the true Church of Jesus Christ. If you proceed to Romans 13:3-4, you will see the condition that must be met before such subjection would be considered an actual ordinance of God, at which time believers would be required to honor it. Such leaders would not be a “terror to good works, but to evil,” and that they would also be identified as being ministers of God because they would ultimately prove to be subject to Him.

       It is also important to point out that this Scripture does not specifically mention worldly governments but “higher powers”.  The Greek word for power in Romans 13:1 is defined as a “power of choice, or “liberty of doing as one pleases.” The concept of choice or liberty points to the idea of possessing a right to do something according to deep moral conviction or religious conscience. For Christians, such power or rights would come down to the right to worship God without repercussions, and the right to do right according to the godly principles of God. If this liberty was not regarded by God’s people, Moses would have been killed as a baby, the wise men would have informed Herod of Jesus’ location, Corrie Ten Boom would have avoided prison, and all of the Jews would had to accept Hitler’s evaluation (as their leader in Nazi Germany) that it was criminal for them to even exist, and that they might as well accept their fate in the ovens. Sadly, this same sentiment exists today towards the Jews, and it is fanning the flames of destruction toward that which will usher in the climatic battle of Armageddon. Hence, enters my paraphrase of the once popular saying, “When good men do nothing, evil will reign (with a vengeance).”

       As Christians, we are not to blindly follow leaders in any arena. We are, first and foremost, citizens of the kingdom of God, and our first loyalty is to our King, the Lord Jesus Christ. Even though we have an earthly citizenship, we still serve in an official capacity as ambassadors of the heavenly kingdom wherever we live, and possess a temporary earthly status until we are officially called home by our King and Lord (2 Corinthians 5:20; Philippians 3:20; 1 Peter 2:11).

       Clearly, we must always test leaders in any arena to see if they are in subjection to God. Remember, Jesus told His disciples just before His crucifixion to pick up a sword, implying that they needed to be prepared for battle. Peter also put this issue into perspective when he was reminded by the Jewish council that the disciples were commanded to cease from preaching and teaching in the name of Jesus. His reply was that: “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29b). The Apostle Paul instructed the Christians at Corinth to be followers of him, as he followed Jesus, and reminded the Ephesians that they wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, rulers of darkness of this present world (1 Corinthians 11:1; Ephesians 6:12).

       Like you, I am aware of the godless caliber of Obama and the majority leadership of the Democrats in Congress. According to evidence obtained, Obama is Kenyan born, making it illegal for him to even hold the office of the president, which reveals him to be nothing more than a fraud and an imposter that should be prosecuted by our courts and clearly stripped of his status. Besides mocking the Bible, quickly moving to dismantle the strength of this country to bring it down to a third-world status, ultimately making us beggars on the international front, and showing complete contempt for those who would dare oppose his communistic worldview by using his main manipulative card of racial bias as a means to silence them and confuse the real issues, he has done everything to bid our enemies to come in and utterly destroy us.  

       Since the Democrats perceive that they have been given free rein to pursue their wicked agendas, the leadership has become drunk on power that is running amuck under their watch at the great cost of the people of this nation. These leaders are making moves that clearly prove they are a force of “terror against good works instead of evil works,” such as promoting abortion and pushing homosexual values down the throats of those who believe that, without true moral accountability and the discipline that will protect godly values from those who clearly hate God and His righteousness, this nation will collapse on itself. For the reasons stated, I do not consider Obama my president, while I also sadly have to admit that I am utterly ashamed of what we refer to as “Congress,” which are comprised of people who have displayed the immaturity of spoiled, quibbling and vengeful children instead of sane, responsible leaders. I will have no agreement or part with what I perceive to be a group of imbeciles in bringing this nation to utter destruction. I have no doubt that those who exalted Obama will turn around and sacrifice him when the time is ripe, but meanwhile the seeds of revolution are being planted that will rip this country apart as the means to bring this nation into a one-world government.

       For you and me we must pray for God’s mercy, protection and intervention for His people. We must warn Christians to not go to sleep, but to humbly pray for forgiveness for complacency and worldliness, ask for wisdom from above, guidance of the Spirit, godly instruction, and to always be alert to move, as well as be ready to stand when giving an account of the hope that is in every saint (1 Peter 3:15 refer to Colossians 1:27).