Contending for the faith | Making Disciples | Equipping the Saints for Ministry

by Rayola Kelley

Q: My messianic congregation…bases almost all its beliefs and principles on the bible. The things not based on the bible come from the home church…where our pastors originally came to the Lord many years ago. This blind faith in the home church's leaders has left the door open for the Rodney Howard-Browne/Toronto/antichrist spirit to come in. I don't think that this spirit has made much headway in my congregation (everything is still scripturally sound) because of my congregation's dedication to the Lord and His Word. However, this antichrist spirit does have an "in", some people are more affected than others (they hear from the spirit and not the Lord) and some I don't think have been affected. I think that because most of the leaders in my congregation put the Lord first, eventually they will see the fruits of this seductive antichrist spirit in their home church (I believe much sexual sin, for one, will pop up) and be woken up to the fact that all is not right. I'm praying and fasting and seeking the Lord. He's given me some scripture. (The leaders know that I'm against this- some people recently came from the home church and "prophesied" over everyone in the congregation but me. It's becoming a big thing.) (Let me just add that the Lord brought me to this congregation 1.5 years ago; I'm beginning to think He brought me there, in part, for this situation I'm writing you about, because I have discernment and He can use me to get them out of this.)  If you have any advice, I'd appreciate it. If you can pray about it, I'd appreciate that too. Thanks and may the Lord bless you and your wonderful ministry!

A: I am sorry to hear about your challenge. Satan is always trying to defile the pure Word of God, undermine true faith, redefine God, and replace the Cornerstone of Jesus. Such attempts set up a false reality for those who come under the workings of Satan.

      You are right about the antichrist spirit coming into the midst of your fellowship. Clearly, a different Messiah will be presented, a wrong spirit will be in operation, and a different Gospel will be preached. We are living in challenging times. Instead of having the liberty to preach the Gospel, we are contending for the faith that was first delivered to the saints. As Jude describes in his small epistle, we have to literally pull some out of the fires of destruction.

      It is important to understand how seductive spirits operate. They actually throw a wicked, spiritual covering over people (Isaiah 25:7). This covering keeps people from discerning the environment around them. In fact, the seductive spirits suck them into another reality. Some may intellectually sense there is something wrong, but they find themselves being enfolded into a reality that has control over their senses. This covering is thrown over people so they will accept the false reality (doctrine etc.) without opposition. In fact, they are unable to discern what is going on even though they may have some idea that things are not quite right.

      To battle this, you must come against the covering that your fellowship has now come under. There is only one acceptable covering in the kingdom of God and that is His Spirit (Isaiah 30:1). All other coverings hide the workings of sin and darkness. You will have to ask the Lord what is in this covering. Usually coverings have more than one layer. For example, there has to be witchcraft and perversion in this covering. Sadly, whether your fellowship comes out of this in a better way will be determined by the leadership and the foundation that has already been established. In essence, both your leaders and fellowship must love the truth. If they love the truth, the Lord will not only deliver them from the influence of this evil covering, but He will be faithful to teach them some very important lessons about spirit and truth.

      I have to agree with you that eventually the wicked fruits of this will be brought forth. Sadly, it will probably translate into sexual sins, devastating testimonies, lives and families. You truly have a grave burden, but we will stand with you as you confront this terrible hearsay in your midst.

      I hope this will give you some insight into this matter. We are living in the days where doctrine of demons are prevalent and testing the hearts of God's people. We are being weighed in the balances and I pray that most of us will be found faithful instead of wanting.

      God bless you in your battle and let us know how you are doing in the battle.