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Part 8


By Rayola Kelley

      This summer we have been slammed with smoke that has engulfed the terrain around us. My state of Idaho has had plenty of fires along with the other western states. At one time we had as many as 22 fires going at the same time. Depending on the direction of the wind will determine where the smoke ends up settling. It is not unusual that the currents and winds cause the smoke from fires to settle in Oldtown and surrounding areas, and it either takes the winds to blow it elsewhere or the rains to disperse it altogether.  

      Smoke that resists being parted for days produces an ominous feeling in the environment. This feeling reminds me of the days we are living in. It is clear that through bullying some of our leaders have created an oppressive environment where fear is the taskmaster that keeps people in line and imprisoned to an insipid mental world that causes them to be paranoid. They are not able to see the light of hope that lingers beyond the smoke, causing their heads to hang low, their countenance to become clouded, and their spirits to sag.  

      It is hard to look up with expectation when smoke has caused the beauty around us to become so enshrouded that it can’t be observed and appreciated. It produces a depressing cloud that hangs over minds, weighs down spirits and enfolds souls with despair and depression.

      When I see smoke engulfing our countryside I am reminded of the movie, “Solvent Green.” It was one of the most depressing movies I had ever seen, but to me it was a window into the future. It pointed to the world being a polluted place where only a few had prestige, money, and power, and the rest were peons who never knew what the sun looked like or the beauty of creation from flowers to green fields and blue skies. The people went through life without any hope and they all ate the same thing, some kind of lifeless, tasteless green cracker that turned out to be made from dead humans.

      When people became old in the movie and were no longer an asset, they were given an opportunity to bow out through suicide. The bait that was used to accept this way out was that they could see a video of the past beauty of creation.

      Even though many may have considered the movie unrealistic at the time, I felt the possibilities for such a time existing in the future were very probable. In some respects, the movie did prove to be a window into the future, but the pollution would be a moral one in many ways.

      For example, to eat any aspect of a human is considered to be cannibalism. Tragically, facts are surfacing that many of the products we partake of possesses baby parts including “vaccinations” and the Covid 19 shots. What is also disgusting is certain “elites” are trying to replace beef, chicken, and pork with a substitute meat that also contains human elements. I don’t know about you, but the very thought of such practices repulses me.

      The smoky look in the movie was a representation of smog, with the intention of giving the appearance that man’s presence had greatly polluted the environment. Environmental issues were coming to the forefront in our nation. This perpetual thick smog not only hid the countryside, but revealed the depressing state of the complete oppression of mankind.

      It is clear that smog is created by man. Where there is smog there is evidence of progression as far as the industrial arena, but it does create problems in the environment. Depending on the industry, it may leave poisonous waste behind, defile water sources, pollute the air, damage the countryside, and create a hazard to people’s health. 

      Smog for Christians represents the self-life. The self-life creates a film over everything. It filters what we see in order to determine what we understand. The more it reigns the greater the filter becomes, causing confusion, fear, anger, and depression.

      When it comes to the self-life progression points to personal strength. Our strength may allow us to progress in our life in different arenas, but it also will pollute our soul because we are born in a fallen state. Our strength can also corrupt our lives with a sense of infallibility, mar our souls with ruts and indentations of independence and self-preservation, and make us resistant to spiritual matters because we see ourselves being self-sufficient (2 Corinthians 3:5).

      Progression also points to innovation. How many times have you heard Daniel 12:4 quoted in relationship to today, “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” What words were shut up? We know God’s words are prophetic, wise, righteous, and truth. Knowledge alone is neither prophetic or inspired. It may increase, but without wisdom men become fools. It may seem agreeable to the world, but without righteousness it is profane and will become destructive. Man may grow and possess knowledge about certain things but still lack truth that will ultimately stand in the end (2 Corinthians 13:8).

      Take evolution. Many believe it is fact, when in reality it is a theory which is philosophical in nature and not factual. This is why we are told in Colossians 2:8, “Beware lest any man spoil you though philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.” Some believe this vain philosophy is truth, but when compared to the actual laws of the universe it is exposed as nothing but a heresy, and when you try to fit it in, you have to adjust or nullify the laws of thermodynamics. There are those who have gone to great lengths to try to prove it, but when the evidence is thoroughly examined, it is found to be a hoax.

      When you trace evolution back to it source you realize it is one of the tenets of a Satanic belief. This tenet brings you back to the religion of Communism, the doctrine of Humanism and its manifesto, the denomination of Atheism, the godless ministry of psychology, the mantra of political correctness, the exaltation of the few “elite” tyrants over the “ignorant,” “dispensable” masses, and power wielded through intimidation, fear, and death. 

      We know from history that Communism has never worked and since it promotes a culture of death where it robs all initiative, kills individuality, and destroys independent thinking, it will ultimately destroy itself. The September 2021 Prophetic Observer, points out from 1900 to 1987, 110 million people were killed by communists, while in the 20th and 21st centuries communism killed approximately 60 million people and it would not be surprising if the number exceeded into the tens of millions.

      It is interesting to see how the wicked religion of Communism works. Communist regimes turn mass crimes into a full-blown system of government in order to establish an iron fist of tyranny over the people, but it first portrays itself as a benevolent nanny state where all are equal, political correctness is where all must fit into the narratives, and flatters with false promises of happiness that no one has to carry any weight of responsibility. All the while it is creating a fragile reality that will easily divide people once challenged and resisted, causing conflict at every level.

      It has positioned gurus into higher education to indoctrinate, minions in political places of power to carry out the agenda, and dispensable pawns to do its dirty work. It creates man-made crises that will be solved by the masses giving up some right, while offering up the sacrifice of the innocent to the devil, in the guise of equality, all the while defaming everything that has been deemed sacred by God. This is the great spiritual smog that is oppressing many. It simply proves that any of man’s progression that is void of God, always ends in his digression into the worst atrocities imaginable.

      Today many claim to believe in science and imply that it will save them. Their confidence is based on what they consider to be the facts that are often muddied. As in the case of evolution, how many times have we heard, “Just give me the facts.” Since the matters of God are not tangible and are activated by faith, they believe His record is a myth. The problem with modern-day science is that there is no one source considered to be truth to test the facts. Those who operate in the scientific world often adjust their so-called “facts” according to their smudged narrative. It is not unusual for scientists to disagree with each other as they present their suppositions.

      The problem with science is that it now needs to be saved from those who use it to promote evil agendas, as well as from the revolutionists who are activists promoting propaganda that has been labeled science such as “climate change.” Science must also be saved from those who are using it in the political world to passionately justify their deceptive claims and destructive policies with unwarranted, unproven “scientific” predictions.

      The latest example of tyranny is that of medical tyranny that is being used by tyrannical governors and mayors and CCP (China Communist Party) to cause the world to come into line with a financial reset that will benefit them and ultimately make those of CCP the leading dictators of the world. This insistence for people to comply with so-called “medical science” which is not backed up by facts and is leaving death and mayhem behind, are inhumane, unconstitutional, and insane. 

      As Christians we have one source to test all information and that is God’s Word. It is truth and it will not change, and even though man tries to use it, adjust it, abuse it, or negate it, it remains what it is: TRUTH. It something does not line up to it, it must be considered error, heresy, or foolishness that finds it origin in unbelief.      

      Today we are seeing great national corruption being exposed. The present political environment has caused a smoky haze to envelop souls as the grave darkness of evil is being hidden under the thick coverings of deception, propaganda, tyranny, death, and destruction. We are told that the earth will spew out such corruption and what we are learning is that man has created machines to use weather as a weapon against humanity to bribe, control, manipulate, and depopulate. God’s Word also has something to say to these individuals and that those who destroy the earth will be destroyed by Him (Leviticus 18:25; Revelation 11:18).

      The machines that are being used are HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and DEW (Direct Energy Weapon). A short explanation of HAARP is that it is an electromagnetic device used for modification of the weather and warfare. Did you note the last part? It is used for warfare. I first heard about this machine when certain individuals in the government were complaining that Jimmy Carter gave Russia a HAARP machine when he was president.

      Today this machine is being used by evil rulers and organizations to either blackmail a city or country, punish them if they will not comply, or bring destruction to them if they refuse to go along with their evil plans. It causes such abnormality in weather that it is obvious that things are not right, but sadly many are blaming God for the weather phenomena. God is allowing, it but man is behind it to gain world control.

      The other day I was watching on a map how the HAARP machine moved much needed rain away from California while escalating the storm, Ida, into a hurricane. In fact, there was evidence that they were setting bombs off in one of the storms in the Atlantic to heighten its strength. What we are seeing is flooding in one area and drought in another area  

      We even saw snow falling in Brazil after the large protest against corrupt governments and mandated vaccines, along with rain dumps, where large quantities of water were literally being dumped in different areas causing enormous flooding. We are also told that this frequency machine is used to set off earthquakes such as in the case of Haiti.

      Another means they are using to control the weather are chem-trails. In fact, according to a report I heard, both the HAARP machine and the chem-trails were used in the weather disaster that struck Texas last February, leaving 210 dead. Some of the byproduct left behind was not natural snow. In fact, it would not melt.

      We know that man-made fires have been set. Apparently, certain individuals from a group have planted filled gasoline cans with an igniting device in the forests around our area that can be easily set off by an unsuspecting passerby. Last year when we were traveling to Coeur d’Alene we saw where someone had started at least three fires along Highway 95. There are also the DEW’s (Direct Energy Weapons) that are used to start fires.

      We actually witnessed in two videos fire being deliberately beamed down into wooded areas by this technology. In one video the fire appeared out of the sky and in the other fire was being disbursed from some type of aircraft, and it burns in a straight line. The fire from the “beams” contains enough heat to melt tires and destroy whole communities. As a result, those who investigate these fires have to admit they were intentionally set, thereby, classifying it as arson. In fact, we had such a fire occurring not far from us. If what I see about the DEW machines is correct, it is not just an arsonist setting fires, but an outright attack.

      Where there is smoke, there must be some evidence of fire. Fire purges the countryside, rendering anything into its path into charred remains or into complete dust to either harden like cement when wet enough or be easily blown away by winds. In some cases, the charred remains become the means in which the soil can be replenished. The truth is God never wastes any event when it comes to creation.

      Everything in creation returns back to the earth to somehow refurbish it. This is so true for the lives of the saint. God never wastes any event that comes our way. He takes the challenging times and establishes us even more so on what is true, uses losses to refine our character in greater ways, as well as adversity to enlarge our faith, and suffering to perfect us for the glory yet to come.

      Regardless of man’s involvement in weather, it will give us insight into where we are spiritually. We must ask ourselves, how is it that man has gained such a foothold that he now controls the weather according to evil agendas? As the saying goes, in order for evil men to advance, it requires good men to remain silent, asleep, afraid, or indifferent.

      This begs the question, “Where are good men to be found?” In my life I have met many decent men. They basically want to provide the best life for their family, be helpful to their neighbor, be a responsible citizen, and do right in their community. I have met some passionate men who speak of noble causes, tread into uncharted territories and defy the odds. However, decent men are not righteous men.

      Righteous men have a calling, vision, commission, and authority. They are prepared to guard what is right, stand against what is wrong, intercede on behalf of the vulnerable, and become a bulwark against the powers of darkness. They do not look for a fight, but if the enemy takes aim at them, they will not plead with it, try to make peace with it or turn their back on it. They know who they are in Christ and have been enlisted as soldiers and are on active duty until given notice otherwise. 

      Righteous men have been through the fires, and the smoke that ascends from their life is not that of smog or haze, but of holiness. In Scripture, fire pointed to purging, but the smoke that ascended from the purging pointed to holiness. Holiness speaks of transparency after that which is profane has been consumed or removed from the equation.  

      Both fire and smoke are found in the Bible. They are associated with Mount Sinai in Exodus 19-21 when the Law was given to Moses. They are linked to the Altar of Burnt Offering and the Golden Altar or the altar of Incense in the temple in Exodus beginning in chapter 25. No doubt these two elements were both present when it came to the Candlestick in the Holy Place. Another aspect of the spiritual life that entailed the fire and smoke were the sacrifices.

      A sin and trespass offering on the altar simply pointed to the wages of death being paid. The question was would the wages be accepted so that the person would know that his sins were atoned for. The only thing that proved whether the sacrifice was sufficient enough was when the fire was put to it (Leviticus 1-6).

      A sacrifice consumed on the altar by fire was a sign that the offering was approved and received as a price for atonement. It would cover the sins of a person, sins that kept them from approaching God to worship Him in a manner worthy of His consideration.

      When it came to the burnt offering, once the fire was put to the offering and it was being consumed, the smoke would indicate that all that was associated to sin had been addressed, confirming it was indeed an acceptable sacrifice, worthy of God’s acceptance. In the meal offering it was both the smoke and the frankincense that reached God’s throne. Frankincense represented righteousness. On one hand the smoke was symbolic of God’s holiness while frankincense was a type of righteousness that could enfold man, once sin was addressed.

      As you can see this subject could go on for pages, but we know that Jesus became the sacrifice that took away our sins. The Spirit of God was the fire in His soul, the anointing the Holy Perfume (frankincense was one of the main ingredients of the perfume) upon His life, the fervency of His mission as the Lamb of God symbolized the heat that sustain his passion and vision, and the smoke the purity of His love, the transparency of His acceptable sacrifice, and the light of His life.

      Our life is giving off some type of smoke as we feel the fiery trials of our times and the heat of temptation escalating, and the question is, is the smoke coming from a life polluted with of the self-life or is the very fragrance of the life of Christ coming forth as sacrifice of praise, laced with thankfulness and being lifted up with the wings of expectation on the currents of acceptable worship (2 Corinthians 2:15-16; Hebrews 13:15-16)?