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Q: “Jude 6, says, ‘And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own
habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of
the great day.’ And 2 Peter 2:4 gives us the same information. Some people maintain
that there are fallen angels still roaming the earth today, both visible and invisible. We
know that Satan is a fallen angel, and he isn’t yet chained yet. So, how are we as
Christians to discern the difference between fallen angels and demons. Or, are they the
same thing?”

A: People have their theories about what all this means including myself. One
theory is that these fallen angels gave up their first estate and are the “Sons of God” in
Genesis 6:1 who took the daughters of men according to their own choice and
preference, which produced the giant race known as Nephilim. It is true there was a
giant race, but great kings have been called the sons of God and the Bible is clear that
angels have a different body and they cannot reproduce (Matthew 22:30; 1 Corinthians
15:39-49). It is important to point out only our Creator, not Satan or his fallen angels,
have the power to really change the order or nature of something to function contrary to
the original design.
The key word in Jude 6 is the word “first.” This word points to something that had
rank or power. This possibly implies that these particular angels were in high positions
as angels but chose to leave that initial position or estate, as well the heavenly order to
follow Satan into utter rebellion. Again, it is speculation on my part but perhaps they
were also instrumental in getting a third of the angelic host to follow Satan in his
The fact that God recorded twice in Scriptures that He chained them in darkness
until the day of judgment, implies their part in the rebellion was no small matter. We
know that Satan is a fallen angel but he is also the prince of the power of the air and the
god over the systems of each age. In other words, he is the leader of the hordes that
make up the kingdom of darkness. God uses Satan to test, refine, and establish His
people in their faith. As we see in the case of Job and Peter, Satan must seek God’s
permission before he can sift or test one of the saints (Job 1:12; 2:4-6; Luke 22:31-32;
John 16:7-11; Ephesians 2:2).
It is important to point out that there are ranks in the kingdom of darkness as there
are in the heavenly host. Each entity in Satan’s kingdom is a fallen angel and has their
position, place, and duty. Some believe there is a difference between spirits and
demons in the kingdom of darkness. Spirits, such as a spirit of fear, are like the breath
that come in and out of some open door or avenue to push, drive, or oppress the person
while demons seek a body to possess. I have encountered both spirits and demons.
We need to get back to why God recorded this information. According to 2 Peter
2:1-13, God not spare even His angels to serve as an example to us that even when it
came to rebellious angels, He did not spare them and He will not spare rebellious man
either from His judgment and wrath.