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The Great Debate


Exposing Man’s Great Debacle

The Great Debate examines the question, “Why do good people suffer,” through the eyes of a man named Job and his four companions. This debate has been going on since Cain killed the righteous Abel, and it has been the topic of discussion from the various angles of philosophy, theology, and cultural influences. To a fair-minded person, it does not seem right that a “good,” “decent,” “likeable” person is not immune from experiencing great tribulation; therefore, it is natural to think that terrible circumstances are a matter of consequences, judgment, and chastisement at the hand of God for unbecoming attitudes and lifestyles.

This author goes to great lengths to set up the premise in which the great debate concerning Job’s plight must be considered before plunging into a quagmire of controversy that seems to be long, depressing, and redundant. Sadly, the length of the debate can be discouraging to some who grudgingly plod through the Book of Job instead of seeking out and gleaning the priceless nuggets it holds.

The Great Debate answers the question, but not according to man’s understanding. As the reader will discover, the answer does not lie within the grasp of man’s logic, nor is it generic so that it can be applied to everyone who encounters similar challenges. The answer rests with something that is beyond man’s comprehension, and is kept mysterious by that which is too wondrous for human eyes to see into, and too glorious for the natural mind to fully comprehend.

The Great Debate

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