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Stories of the Heart: Tragedy to Triumph


The reader of Stories of the Heart will discover, and perhaps even identify with, twelve stories based on heart-breaking, challenging and often traumatic trials that a growing number of women find themselves facing today.  Although the characters and settings depicted in each story are fictional, the betrayals, anger, fears, hurts, sorrows, perplexities, regrets, disappointments, depression and decisions they each had to face are based on true-life experiences and reality.  Readers will gain an inspiring perspective of the power of God to “change that which was meant for evil into good.”

Readers will also gain insight into how each woman’s inner struggles with issues such as pornography, abuse, adultery, hypocrisy, betrayal, abortion, rejection, lost love, and other traumatic and destructive difficulties that were fought and won, and the remarkable inner strength and courage these women gained through their journey to utter reliance on the Lord.  As you travel with them through their stories, you will discover that in spite of the raw emotions left in the wake of some of life’s toughest tragedies their lives were changed from TRAGEDY TO TRIUMPH.

Stories of the Heart: Tragedy to Triumph

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