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“I am very impressed with your newsletter.  It’s what I call ‘meat and potatoes’ stuff.   I have read three so far and besides being impressed, I also experienced conviction.  The June and July [’99] issues nailed me right in the heart.  I am reminded of the old truism that people need to be reminded more than they need to be taught.” — SC, AK

“Thanks so much for the articles, they are so interesting!  Thank you for putting me on your newsletter list.  I am most grateful.” — FT, UK

“Thank you for all your many thought-provoking, truth-telling newsletters lately!  We’re with you 100%!” — PD, WA

“God bless you.  I’m reading through the newsletters again.  I learn so much.  I found answers to questions I’ve had for years.” — EP, MO

“WOW was your newsletter the best ever.  I have to tell you that all the things you are writing about are so timely.  My spirit has been wrestling with all these issues.” — SW, ID

“I just received your newsletters!!  Thank you so much…You are such a blessing.   Praise the Lord for you and your ministry and your wise words of counsel and wisdom that you impart to those just learning.” — AB, CO

“…don’t give up.  There are those that love you both and appreciate your ministry, message and training.” — KD, ID

“Just a quick note to thank you for your articles on ‘covering’.  The fact that we need a covering has always bothered me.  Now I know why.  Thanks for your article and all the time and research you do in discipling others.” — ID

“The newsletters just keep getting better all the time!” — EV, BC

“Thank you for the great newsletter you send my wife and I.  We love it, very edifying.   One of the sad things I see missing in the ‘modern evanjellyfish’ church is Repentance.  Someone wiser than I once said you recover from disease, you Repent from Sin.  We’ve lost that in most churches today.  Keep up the good work and again, thank you.” — DG, WA

“I just read the last newsletter and I must say it is the best yet.  The articles on music are excellent.” — BS, AZ

“WOW!!! WOW!!! What a powerful newsletter!! [January 2000] I must say it was rich with truth.   I personally loved it.” — GC, ID

“I just read your newsletter…Wow!  Praise God for honest tongues!  You speak my heart!  I am considering giving this information to a few of my family members.   They need to hear it again.  Thank you for exposing your hearts and minds to us regarding the things of our Lord and Savior!  How refreshing!” — JR, UT

“Greetings sisters Jeannette and Rayola.  Praise be to Messiah Jesus for the last newsletter.   The ‘Satan’s Substitute Test’ was very good.  I’ve typed it up and made numerous hard copies to distribute at our home fellowship with the brethren.” — BH, WV

“Thank you Jeannette for your in depth handling of the need of the hour subjects.” — MD, WA

“Love your newsletter.  Your thoughts are thought-provoking and always challenging.” — ID