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A Summary of the Four Natures:
An excerpt from Rayola’s book, Bring Down the Sacred Cows, pp 26,27

(Note: The four natures information is NOT psychology NOR is it the personality/temperament teaching, but rather, insight God gave to Rayola concerning people.)

THE SUBMISSIVE person is the analytical type who appears sweet and non-threatening. They consider all of their options before making a decision. They have a wall of fear which they hide behind. They usually are even-tempered, but when they hit the end of their rope emotionally, they become obnoxious.

THE STUBBORN natured individual is emotional and expressive. They feel deeply about their convictions. Their atmosphere around them is very important. They can be impulsive in doing things, but yet need proof when making important decisions. These people are emotional pressure cookers. Frustration, complaints, anger, guilt, condemnation and depression make up the emotional cycle of this type of individual. They can be explosive and hard to reason with once they are in their cycle.

THE SELF-ASSURED person has images for every position they hold. For instance, if they are a spouse, parent, son/daughter, employee etc., they have completely separate images for each position. These images collide as the responsibilities of each position overlap each other causing confusion, frustration and anger. They are reserved and have strong attitudes. They weigh each decision back and forth, making them quite unpredictable.

THE STRONG-WILLED individual is very decisive in their beliefs and decisions. They are dynamic when it comes to doing what seems to be the impossible. They are not swayed by emotions, but by facts. They can be very controlling. They control through atmosphere, with decisions and by intimidation. Once these people make a decision, it is almost impossible to change their mind unless they are teachable.

This is a summary of each of these natures. You can only have one nature. Therefore, ask the Lord to show you which nature you are.

See if the Holy Spirit will confirm what nature you might already suspect you are or illuminate the one you need to consider. Ask Him to open up your mind so that you can begin to see how the “old man” operates in and through you. For a more detailed look at these natures, you can read the introduction to the four natures starting in chapter nine of Rayola’s book, Hidden Manna.