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 A Snyopsis of Rayola Kelley’s Book
“Hidden Manna”


Chapter One: Human Nature Unveiled This chapter introduces human nature and why we find ourselves in repetitious and destructive cycles. The lordship of Jesus Christ is presented as the only solution to our fallen condition.

Chapter Two: Defining the Word “Nature” A foundation is laid for the information presented in chapters 9-13. An explanation is given how this information differs from the temperament and personality teaching, motivational gifts and psychology.

Chapter Three: Identifying the Culprit  The real culprit behind man’s fallen condition and destructive cycles is exposed and examples given. Based on the Word of God, the author unveils the works, foundation and root of sin.

Chapter Four: Genuine Repentance The differences between the two types of repentance found in 2 Corinthians 7:10 are discussed.

Chapter Five: Repentance vs. Human Nature The writer reveals how each person has only one of three deceptive attitudes. A description is given for each of these responses.

Chapter Six: The Motivation Behind Human Nature This chapter outlines the three forms of pride and helps the reader identify four attributes which accompany it.

Chapter Seven: In Pursuit of Fulfillment   The author explains how each of us has one of three basic needs and demonstrates the difference between these basic needs and the three types of desires. Readers will quickly identify which of the three forms of control and manipulation they experience in their own lives. The way of the cross is illustrated based on the beatitudes.

Chapter Eight: Pride in Action   The author reveals the attitude behind each of the three forms of pride and challenges the reader to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal their pride to them and to replace it with sobriety.


Chapter Nine: Introduction to the Natures  This chapter recaps the first eight chapters and begins to tie it into the information which will be presented about the four distinct natures found among mankind. The names of these natures are: Submissive, Stubborn, Self-Assured and Strong-Willed.

Chapter Ten: Submissive  The author discusses in detail the traits and cycles of the analytical, and sometimes suicidal, person. She offers viable advice as to how to confront this nature effectively when they are in a destructive pattern.

Chapter Eleven: Stubborn Nature This chapter deals with the emotional stubborn person. The author shows how the stubborn person’s traits and needs affect their emotional patterns and responses. She also explains how an individual can effectively challenge the emotional pattern of this type of person.

Chapter Twelve: Self-Assured Nature A description is given of this unique nature. The author reveals their traits, need and motivation and how they are affected by the different images they must juggle to maintain some type of identity. She explains how the self-assured person battles frustration and anger because of inability to live up to these images. She discusses how to challenge this individual when they are in their destructive cycle.

Chapter Thirteen: Strong-Willed Nature The author exposes the motivation, process and traits of the decisive strong-willed person. She discusses their need for control and how to correctly confront them. She challenges the strong-willed person to become meek under the control of the Holy Spirit.


Chapter Fourteen: Accepting our Place in Christ The author explains how the different strengths and weaknesses determine a person’s spiritual life. She shows how the natures have different leadership abilities. She discusses how many put their faith in their strength rather than in God. She challenges the reader to accept themselves as God made them.

Chapter Fifteen: Spiritual Examples In this chapter the natures of different Bible characters such as John, Peter, Moses and Paul are identified. She shows how God dealt  with them according to their nature and how He used their traits and leadership abilities for the furtherance of His kingdom.

Chapter Sixteen: The Overcoming Church This unique chapter explains the potential of each nature and their place in the Body of Christ. The author gives a detailed outline of how each nature corresponds with the four gospels and the four beasts (lion, ox, man and eagle) of Ezekiel and Revelation. This is a powerful revelation of the potential of the church.


Chapter Seventeen: The Fragrance of Christ The author explains how the church is to serve as the fragrance of Christ in the world and how each of the natures have a unique way of representing the mind and heart of Christ. How each nature views Christ as the Rock is given.

Chapter Eighteen: Ministering the Life of Christ How to test the spirit is presented along with how to minister to each nature. Each nature is challenged according to their particular traits relative to Mark 12:30.

Chapter Nineteen: Identifying Satan’s Tactics for Each Nature This chapter reveals Satan’s tactics against each nature. The reader is encouraged to take note of their particular nature and Satan’s devices.

Chapter Twenty: Becoming Precious Gemstones The author writes about those things which can hinder a person from reaching their potential and how God uses different processes. This chapter goes on to explain the different types of prayer life and encourages the reader to press beyond hindrances to have communion with God. She also explains how God does reveal Himself differently to each nature.

Chapter Twenty-One: Jesus is Coming Back The author strives hard in this climatic chapter to challenge the reader to become the priceless heirloom that will be placed in the crown of the King of kings. The reader is reminded that Jesus is returning for a church without spot and wrinkle. His gemstones must be willing to pay the price to partake of His incredible glory.

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