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Facing the Elements

Part 11


By Rayola Kelley

       Well, it is a new year and how many of us have made, or are about to make new resolutions? I made a resolution to avoid making them because I know they set me up to fail, and I must say it is the one resolution I have been able to keep. However, I do acknowledge we are starting a new year and to say “goodbye” to a most difficult and challenging year and “hello” to a year that might mark some positive changes would be encouraging to say the least.

       I must state 2021, along with 2020 have been challenging, not only for us, but for the whole world. The loss of friends, physical challenges, the unveiling of corruption at many levels of society, and the depth of evil that is being uncovered that is beyond description, has added to and compounded the times we are living in. It is obvious that even though the wicked have been bragging about their plans for years, many in society have remained in ignorance, unbelief, denial, or aloof about it. Now that it is being brought out, some people are shocked, others vexed, and some are just plain angry about it.

       What I am seeing as to what is being unveiled is not a surprise to me because I knew two things: 1) these wicked people were bent on taking control of the world, and 2) they were in the process of bringing it about because they had the backing and power of the god of this world, Satan, behind them. However, what is shocking is the depth of the evil and the type of inroads it has made in this world. I know evil exists, but my life in Christ limits me from ever imagining it (Titus 1:15-16). After all, what I do know has vexed my spirit and caused such despair to my soul. To be honest the great and thick darkness in which grave atrocities have been committed against humanity, especially our children, is a blessing because if we actually saw it, it would cause some to go insane, and such brokenness and torment would shake and drive others who are void of, or weak in faith, into deep pits of despair.     

       To understand my own journey concerning the days we live in, I must go as far back as 1963 when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. I was nine and it awakened my tender soul to the evils of man. Before that awakening, I was shaken out of my innocence by the “Bay of Pigs’” incident where Russia and Communism were identified as the enemies, bomb shelters became part of the design of such institutions as school classroom drills included the possibility of a nuclear bomb attack.

       As a child, I could sense the fear of adults, the despair they felt over the earth-shaking events happening in our country and the world, and the uncertainty it produced in their own minds. It was then I tasted the fact that man’s strength, dependency, and hope could be quickly shattered by the reality of events beyond his control. I was somewhat allowed to remain in my bubble of innocence, but underneath I knew that there was a flaw, a fragileness to man that could be used to topple him easily enough if he did not make sure of where he stood.   

       As I grew up, the subject of Kennedy’s assassination would come to the forefront at different times. I remember hearing that it was planned by powerful people in high places because he was about to expose the sinister plans of the wicked, naming names, organizations, and exposing where the skeletons were buried. This made me realize that only a few in certain positions serve as puppet masters to the whole world, who only needed to pull the right strings, either attached to fear mongering, power, money, and food to make men and governments dance to their tune. It caused me to wonder about those who pulled the strings and then I begin to learn about secret organizations, and when you listen to President Kennedy’s last speech, he was warning Americans about these organizations.

       According to the information I received, those in secret organizations have to commit appalling crimes so the leaders can control them with blackmail. In their world, everyone must be guilty of such crimes and indiscretions to ensure absolute control. This is why it is easy for them to transpose suspicion on the innocent until making them guilty; that is, as soon as they can locate the actual crime so they can bring them down to a puddle of nothingness in order to control them.

       They have controlled the elections of the world, including ours. I was aware of this because when the Democrats were to advance the progressive agenda, a weak “RINO” who always managed to sabotage the race with some lame move or statement was pitted against them. When a Republican won, except for Reagan, he proved to be a “RINO”, a middle-of-the-road politician, that helped put an alarmed public, as to the radical policies and immoral actions of a former administrations, back to sleep so they could subtly continue to move ahead with their wicked agenda. After all, when the radical is being presented, it is to see how ready society is to embrace it, how indoctrinated they are to move with it, and how asleep the rest are who will fail to present any real opposition. 

       The name that is presently used to describe the elite group of this leadership is the “Cabal.” The leadership of the Cabal operates like a pyramid. You have those who carry out the dirty wishes of the ones on top, you then have organizations that recruit and indoctrinate, followed by secret groups or what I call “clubs” that are made up of the elites who, under the oversight of the elites, plan out strategies that include starting wars, fluctuating the stock market, economic collapses, and other destructive policies. Their main goal is to bring all the world under their tyranny, a one-world government, also known as the “New World Order,” but due to the world population they must eliminate most of the people by 2030 because if the masses wake up to their dealings and revolt, they will not be able to withstand them.

       They must get the population down to a controllable number of serfs that will simply serve them according to their wicked whims in order to bring in their idea of utopia for them that they have envisioned, and believe they deserve and have been promised. Due to the bio weapon that is referred to as a “vaccine,” one-third of the present population who have submitted to it could be done away with within the next two to three years because of the destruction the spike protein and the graphene oxide works within the body. Sadly, this very figure has been prophesied in Revelation 9:15-18. It is one of the reasons Paul referred to these days as being perilous and Jesus stated that if those days were not shortened no flesh would be saved alive (Matthew 24:22; 1 Timothy 3:1).

       It is important to understand these wicked people merchandize the souls of mankind for their own sick pleasures. They are decadent in their pursuits and nothing is off the table as to the extent their wicked imagination is allowed to explore so that they can partake of the unspeakable to satisfy their beastly lusts. They are utterly corrupt in their practices, pagan and occultic in their worship. Their ultimate leader that they are striving to please is Satan who promises them the kingdoms of the world where they can obtain all that they desire and lust after (Genesis 6:5; 11:6; Matthew 4:8-9; 24: 2 Peter 2:3).

       These people have sold their souls, seared their consciences, and as a result no longer retain the knowledge of the true God. They are of the delusion that nothing will stop them because they owe the world leaders who influence nations, Hollywood which seduces, the education system that indoctrinates, the Media that hypnotizes, the bodies of Parliament and Congress who set policies on their behalf, complicit politicians whose vote is always for sale, the unjust judges who destroy the innocent while protecting the guilty, governors, mayors, and city councils who oppress the citizenry with unconstitutional mandates, the military and police heads who force honorable ones in their departments to resign, and even the church organization whose message has been gutted out by weak, false gospels, its power dissipated by compromise with the world, and its authority rendered as useless and often mocked because of the hypocrisy that now exists (Matthew 16:26; Romans 1:28-32; 1 Timothy 4:2-3).   

       And, just how dark are their deeds? We can’t begin to imagine and would not want to know the extent of them but we must not be ignorant of them (2 Corinthians 2:11). How deep are their workings and influences? Let me say it reaches into the very depths of hell. And how would society react if they knew? As one of their leading proponents admitted, “If people knew what we were doing, we would not be able to walk down the street.” In fact, they could not walk down the street without people spitting out their name and wanting to tear them from limb to limb.

       You might be wondering why I am laying out the history of this wicked group and evil agenda. Nothing is new under the sun, and that includes the push for a one-world government and the conspiracy that is now being brought out, has been operating since the “Tower of Babel” in Genesis 11. The Apostle Paul called it the “Mystery of Iniquity” in 2 Thessalonians 2:7. It is not a mystery that it is Satan’s main goal to bring the whole world under his auspice, but the mystery exists because all of its workings and planning must be done in darkness because the common man would be utterly repulsed by it all.

       Due to the unconstitutional mandates of masks and destructive “vaccinations,” which I already pointed out is a bio weapon developed to depopulate the world, the masses are awaking and what the Cabal has feared is now becoming a reality as people all over the world are standing up against it. Right now, the world is becoming awakened to their attempt to take control, but I do not know how many are awake to the spiritual implications behind what has taken place due to the compromising condition of the church.

       Keep in mind, the real church is made up of believers, but the organized church has been infiltrated by the agendas of the world and either its members have been put to sleep or dulled down to a point that they are void of discernment, and the universal church is being targeted, harassed, persecuted, and its members tortured and killed.   

       As the true church of Jesus Christ, we must recognize the times we live in. Even though the reality of wickedness is overwhelming, I believe we are being offered a time, probably a short time of opportunity to share the only hope to mankind that is beginning to realize they are on a sinking ship.  To effectively discern the times and be ready to walk through any open door, we have to quit trying to interpret the times through acceptable theological lenses and let the prophetic events begin to interpret the times, knowing that what is happening is being done on a world-wide scale and not just in America.

       Just before the 2016 election, the Lord impressed me that Trump was His tool that would judge the Democratic party and throw a wrench into the Republican party. At the time, my idea of judgment and disrupting some plan of inept politicians was very limited to the insanity that was evident after the eight years of the communistic, tyrannical, wicked regime of Obama.

       Since then, I have learned it is the kingdom of light against the kingdom of darkness and that it is world-wide because the Cabal was using the world as its chessboard and people as their pawns. Leaders have been their bishops, governments their castles, and knights their executors. Like their god, Satan, they have robbed the people of the nations, pillaged every coffer they could, killed any initiative from those who managed to think outside of the box, and destroyed any opposition, but in 2016, they finally hit the end of their rope, and people have been taken into judgment without us even realizing it.

       This brings me to the present. Right now, everything is optics. We really don’t know what is real. This two-year “plandemic” has served as a cover for both sides and even serves as an indicator as to whether people are being arrested and if they are cooperating or resisting the inevitable. Have you noticed all of the different people stepping down? The real story is that they have been arrested.  Have you noticed that the famous and popular are no longer in the limelight touting their insane threats? Some say Hollywood has become a ghost town due to all the arrests and Washington DC, until very recently, was also a ghost town.

       The question is what will 2022 bring us? If God is judging and throwing a wrench into the wicked agenda of the Cabal, what can we expect.?

       Back in 2010 the Lord gave me three numbers. Numbers have meanings. For instance, every letter of the Jewish alphabet is assigned with a number. The first letter, “aleph,” is assigned the number one and the letter “yod” (jod) which is the tenth letter in the alphabet is naturally assigned with the number “10.” However, the next letter, “caph” is doubled and assigned the number 20, followed by adding ten to each letter until it reaches the number 100 and then it adds a 100 to each remaining letter.

       The three numbers He gave me were “10”, “40” and “22.” The number “3” represents a complete picture and as I pondered the three numbers I was wondering if there was some completed picture in them. The number “10” represents “perfect order,” while the number “40” points to trials, testing, and probation. However, the number “22” caused me to be perplexed. The number “two” represents contrast that brings opposition or union and when you divide the number 22, you get the number “11” which points to “imperfect order.” To double the number “11” points to disorganization.

       I easily could reason out the number “10” because it is God’s will to bring order to His people and when you divide it by two you get the number “5” which points to grace. Only God in His grace can bring order to a world that is clearly out of order. The number “40” I am quite aware of because most of my Christian walk has been met with testing and trials.  It seems that on earth, as a believer I am always facing some type of probation as to whether I am going to pass a spiritual test, small or large.

       It is not unusual to add numbers together. For example, 10 + 40 = 50. This number points to Pentecost. We all know that Pentecost happens 50 days after the Passover and the year of Jubilee. It was the 50th day after the cross of Christ that the Holy Spirit came down in the upper room. It is interesting to note how the number 50 is arrived according to God’s instruction in relationship to Jubilee. They were to count out seventh Sabbath years which would add up to 49 years and then they were to add “one” (Leviticus 25:8). This is significant because 49 is 7 X 7. The number “7” points to perfection. You have perfection upon perfection because the remaining “one” in the number 50 points to deity and rest. God stands alone, but when He does something, He brings utter perfection to it that will result in true rest for His people.

       As I considered the number “22” I continued to be stumped as to what it meant. There are “22” letters in both the Hebrew and Greek alphabets but that did not seem to fit in any real picture. The number was proving to create an imperfect order or disorganization in my understanding. It did not make sense so I put the numbers on the shelf.  

       In 2011 we moved and the last two numbers of the zip code of our new address are “22.” I wondered if this was God confirming that we were at the right place. However, I left the numbers on the shelf because even though the zip code was interesting, it did not resonate with my spirit that it was really significant in that context.

       The numbers came up again after I learned that the money that was stolen by the Cabal would be returned. I began to wonder if 2022 would prove to be a year of Jubilee for many. For the Jews, every 50 years the inheritance of land that was lost to debt would be returned to the rightful owners. If the inheritance that has been stolen from many by the Cabal would be returned to them in 2022, then the number “22” would make more sense. However, I went further. I added 10+40+22 together which equals the number “72.” Guess what this number points to: “spiritual development, awakening, enlightenment, or good fortune.”

       For Israel their physical inheritance meant everything. They needed their inheritance returned to them to maintain their presence in the land to preserve God’s legacy and witness, but for believers our inheritance is really spiritual. It would be nice to pay worldly debts off, but our real need is not to establish ourselves here on earth but to have a spiritual awakening that will result in spiritual growth that will produce productivity as far as the kingdom of heaven.

       The world needs a jubilee for the sake of the oppressed and an awakening for the spiritually blind and for those who are asleep. My desire is that 2022 will be a time of great awakening. What do we need to be awakened to in 2022? The world is being awakened to the destructive agenda of the Cabal, but is God trying to awaken His church to the precarious place it is in because it has failed to be the salt in in the midst of corruption, the penetrating light in the midst of darkness, and the voice in the wilderness that is urging the sinner to flee the wrath of God to come by running to Jesus Christ?

       A jubilee would be nice, but what is needed is a spiritual awakening of every lost soul, every blind vagabond, and of every drowsy and sleeping Christian. “Lord, send the wind that shakes, the storms that stir, and the events that will knock us out of our places of complacency so we can be awakened to our commission and be about Your business in this coming year. Amen.”