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by Rayola Kelley

Q: I was wondering if you have any written articles on the Jezebel Spirit Doctrine? I find it interesting that I have heard Rayola's name mentioned to me from friends. I was looking on the net to see if I could find some information on this subject and lo and behold there's your name. Everything I've heard about you is good. I have friends who have been hurt terribly by this false doctrine. I have other friends who remain there [church]who believe everything they are being taught. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

A: It is nice to know that everything you have heard about me is good. I understand there are some not so good things going around about me. However, I have learned that that comes with ministry. In the grace of God, you do not develop tough skin in ministry, but you become realistic about how people respond when you collide with their particular realities.

   There is a lot of information about the so-called “Jezebel spirit.” In fact, it almost appears as if many people have jumped on the "band wagon" to have something to talk about and write about that sounds spiritual. However, it is not manna from heaven that will truly edify the Church in such a way that believers will fall more and more in love with Jesus. Keep in mind, the Holy Spirit's main responsibility is to lead you into all truth about Jesus (John 16:13-14). He does not lead one into destructive causes such as is happening with the teaching of the Jezebel spirit. This teaching is causing many women to come into bondage or fall victim to its destructive means. The fruit of this teaching is not only dividing the Church, but it is destructive as it sets out to identify, judge, condemn, and destroy those women who are considered to have this spirit. Depending on a person's frame of reference, any woman who may show initiative, discernment and passion for the truth may fall into this category. No doubt women who have any real spiritual sense about what is going on are the main target of this erroneous doctrine.

   My understanding of the “Jezebel spirit” is that it comes out of the latter-rain movement back in the 1940’s. It was somewhat squelched, but resurrected by the Manifested Sons of God. This particular movement has established “apostles and prophets” that are redefining the foundation of the true Church by offering a different Jesus, bringing the Church under an anti-Christ spirit, and preaching a revised gospel that is in compliance with their mission to take over the world in order to dictate their own standard of holiness. The core of this group is militant, and dangerous to the very fiber and survival of the true Church of Jesus Christ. This movement counterfeits everything that is holy and righteous in the Kingdom of God. The leaders of this movement are replacing Christ in the Church by exalting themselves as the final authority in all matters (i.e. the covering teaching). If you question their authority and teaching, you will come under suspicion as being divisive, and the clever means of indoctrination that is in place will begin to spin its web over the hearts and minds of the people that have come under its spirit. Therefore, it is not unusual to see the best of friends turn on their friend if they do not see the individual submit to the leadership.

   Sadly, the most discerning people in the Church are usually women. (We can only speculate as to why this is true.) As a result, it is vital to the leaders that women who are not subject to the many winds of doctrine that are going through the Church, be identified, quickly brought under control and silenced by any possible means. Hence, enters the teaching and indoctrination of the "Jezebel spirit."

   When you simply study the Bible, a spirit is not directly associated with the person (or name) of Jezebel. In other words, the two Jezebels mentioned in the Old and New Testaments were not accredited as having a "Jezebel spirit." The Jezebels in both testaments had the same problem most people have in the midst of a godless society, they are not only idolatrous, but they are pagan. The Jezebel of the Old Testament was a strong woman. It was simply part of her makeup, and not necessarily a spirit. However, when people (men or women) have such strength, are idolatrous and pagan, they can become tyrants such as Hitler did. This control is nothing more than the spirit of witchcraft. It can be seductive as the Jezebel in the New Testament was as well as Hitler was when he practically seduced a whole generation of young people to follow him into the very jaws of hell. Seductive spirits simply get a person caught up in the person's world in order to trap them into their particular reality, and indoctrinate them into their heretical ways.

   Therefore, there is no real Jezebel spirit. Clearly, it is a means to target women. Since it is Satan's lie, its main target will be against those women who know God, and will not stand for such heretical lies being taught among God's people without questioning and possibly challenging them.

   I have no doubt there are controlling women (as well as men) who are of the wrong spirit within churches that are out of order. However, if such women are clever, they are not being silenced by this teaching. Instead, they are using it for their own benefit against any woman that they may feel is in competition with their position or power in the local church.

   I could go on and on about this subject. But, the real test to every teaching and movement in the Church is whether or not it lifts up Jesus and truly edifies (builds up) the whole Body in the love of Christ. If these simple ingredients are missing, then it is not of the Spirit of God, and it will divide and attempt to destroy or undermine the faith of those who are sincerely seeking after or adhering to the truth.

   I do hope this answers your question. God bless you in your search for truth.