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      Q: There are various debates going on about everything from what is happening in our nation to where we are in the prophetic timeline of the end days. I don’t know who to believe or what to believe and I would like someone who can be a voice of reason. I was wondering what you thought about all of this?”

      A: I agree with you there are many confusing voices, presentations, and debates going on. We are indeed living in insane times and the one thing we must not do is lose our wit, but we must become wise and learn to discern regardless of the many voices. We need to keep in mind, there are those who present what they perceive to be truth but their presentations might not be nothing more than good-sounding theories. The problem with being human is we want to hold onto something tangible that makes sense and would silence the confusion that is turning our understanding upside down, causing us to fear. This fear can turn into skepticism because the events around us become too great to handle, or depression sets in because it appears there is no hope on the horizon to change the nightmare that seems to have been thrust upon us. Since we have a tendency to latch on what makes sense to us, we must recognize it is what is going on behind the scenes that will determine the real outcome; therefore, we must hold lightly to man’s conclusions.

      As I consider what is happening today, I have come to a couple of conclusions. I actually wrote about some of this very subject in my article for this month. The first thing I have concluded is evil has been unleashed in such an unimaginable way in this country. Truly seducing and unclean spirits abound, but as Christians we must keep in mind that we have been given the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth and enables us to discern (John 16:13; 1 Corinthians 2:10-14; 2 Timothy 4:1)

      This evil has always been there to some extent, but it is now being uncovered and the stench is unbelievable. We are clearly seeing the face of it emerge into an incredible insanity. It is hard to watch, as we witness the hateful rhetoric and threats ramp up to such a high pitch that it can leave us in a terrible state of mind if we receive it as being so. As a result, I have turned off almost all news because it has been nothing but Satan’s lies. The problem is that these lies have emerge into one big boastful voice that seems loud, but has no power behind it. In the midst of such boastful arrogance, we need to go back to the promises of God and stand on them, knowing that the meek, not the wicked will inherit the earth.

      We also need to educate ourselves. For example, it is coming out more and more that the Covid-19 is a hoax. It stands for Certification Of Vaccination Identification. The vaccinations have not been thoroughly tested and have been known to change the DNA of a person as well as give them the corona virus or kill them.  It is also known that a chip is in the vaccine that will be used as a point of identification to a wicked one-world system. They are now admitting that the testing procedure is not trustworthy, but for many governors, such as ours in the State of Idaho, it has proven to be lucrative business for them, while destroying hopes and dreams of the citizens, in order to insert tyrannical control over the people. Granted, it is a flu and it can cause grave problems for those who have underlying diseases including death, but the purpose of it is to break small businesses that keep our economy going to usher in a New World government under a communistic system where no one owns land and everyone is beholden to the government for all needs.

      The Bible declares we will be living in precarious times as we get closer to Jesus’ coming, but we need to realize that there is nothing new happening under the sun. According to Luke 21:25-36, we must be watchmen who properly read the signs of the times because we know the Word of God, discern what spirit is in operation because we recognize the fruits that are being produced and where it will ultimately end. We must be ready to wait on the Lord as to His instructions, stand for truth if need be, march by faith if instructed to, fight if commanded, and trust what is true even if it looks like we are on the losing side. Granted, it may appear as if we are losing the battle, but we must know that if we are standing on the right side of eternity, we are on the winning side because the battle is the Lord’s, and in the end, His enemies will be put under His feet signifying He has won the war.

      The final thing we must do is pray that we are found worthy to escape the judgment of this time, knowing ultimately that we will be standing before the Son of man. Man may act like he is in charge, but he is an instrument in either the hand of the god of the age, Satan, or the God of the Universe, Jehovah. Government may threaten to take away all rights, freedoms, and your very life, but it is God who decides how long and how far a government will go. God uses Satan to test our faith, man to test our resolve, and government to test our character. His goal is to reveal hearts, enlarge faith, refine character, and prepare His people to be the chaste bride that is prepared to meet their bridegroom.

      As believers we must always go back to what God said and the promises He made. This is the only place we can be assured of, and then we must seek His face in all matters so that we can properly read the signs, discern the time, and when all has been said and done, ensure we are standing on the right side of eternity.