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Daily Food For The Soul Book Two
by Rayola Kelley


The Word of God contains treasures, revelations, insights and wisdom that are beyond description. It is the greatest gold mine that the world possesses, but it has been the most neglected. Its treasures are unseen, and since it adds to the quality of life, it must be sought out daily. The revelations must be unveiled to our spirits if they are going to add depth to the soul. The insights of the Bible may often seem simple, but they feed and enlarge the strength of one’s soul to stand in challenging times.   

The neglect and abuse of the Word of God has caused grave concern to me. In my desire to address it, I realized that devotions are a popular discipline for people who desire to expose themselves to some “religion” on a daily basis. Subsequently, it occurred to me that Christians desperately need an in-depth devotional that will take them through the Word of God in one year.

Although this concept is far from new, it is my way of challenging the spiritual famine that is growing in this country. My goal is to keep it simple, while challenging people to consider the value and depths of the truths of God’s Word.

There is and always has been an urgent need for every believer to get into the Word of God, allowing it to get into their soul and spirit by becoming their sustaining food. As I have challenged Christians in the past, give the Holy Spirit something to work with. The Word of God serves as our reality, while the Holy Spirit confirms it as God’s truth. It is the Holy Spirit who leads us into all truth about God, brings revelation to His Word, and imparts its treasures to us.  

The beauty about a devotional of this nature is that it takes the reading or studying the Bible out of the real of being too great a project to undertake, and it brings it down to one day at a time. It will take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes a day, depending on how much time an individual may want to put into meditation and study. In only minutes each day, you will be prepared to meet the challenges of this present age and made ready to face the next world to come. In time, you will realize and made ready to face the next world to come. In time, you will realize it is the most valuable investment you could ever make into your life.

Daily Food For The Soul
Book Two

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