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by Rayola Kelley

QI feel I already know your answer to this question, but what do you think of Christian Churches doing joint services with Muslims? 

A:  I have experienced a range of emotions over this unholy agreement. I have been sorrowful, appalled, and indignant, but I have not been surprised. Many in the churches have been conditioned by heretical teachings to embrace the great delusion that is sweeping the world. This great delusion is preparing people to accept the antichrist and his wicked system(2 Thessalonians 2:3-12).

      This unholy agreement, with many other deadly manifestations, reveals that we are living in the end of the end days. These days have been clearly described in the Bible. The truth is that this unholy agreement is fulfilling prophecy concerning the different apostate religions coming together to form a one world religion. The fact that some of these so-called “Christian churches” are fornicating themselves with a different spirit as they accept a social, tolerant gospel and erect another Jesus that is acceptable to all involved, reveals how truth, purity, and righteousness are casualties in this quasi environment of religious debauchery (2 Corinthians 11:2-4). Needless to say, this blasphemy is being committed in the name of the newest type of Christian love—that of tolerance or political correctness.

      The Bible is clear that there will be a falling away from the truth at the end of the age. Jesus warned that many different “Christs” would be presented, and questioned whether He would find true faith upon His return (Matthew 24:4-5, 24-25; Luke 18:8).

      As I clearly consider this profane mixture of Christianity and Islam, I realize how far some of the visible church has fallen from the truth. As Christians, we are told to come out and be separate from that which is pagan, idolatrous, and wicked (2 Corinthians 6:14-18). We are not to come into agreement with different spirits or touch the profane in any way, regardless of how logical, tolerant, and wise it may appear. Instead of being the light, “Christians” who come into agreement with such darkness will lose what light they have and will succumb to its delusion, destruction, and judgment.

      As I thought about this profane mixture taking place in the sanctuaries of so-called “Christian Churches,” I am reminded of another body who came into an unholy agreement, thereby, spiritually fornicating itself. Sadly, it was said of this body that it had works and charity that expressed itself in service. It had faith which revealed itself in patience, allowing its works to be refined in greater measure. No doubt, some of these Christian Churches can lay claim to some of these very same virtues. However, Jesus brought an indictment against this body because of the spiritual fornication it was committing.

      The Lord told this body that He would give it space to repent from its abominable agreement, but if it failed to repent, He would cast it into great tribulation. He also said something else that should bring dread to any individual that can still be reached by Scriptural reasoning. He stated that He would kill her children with death. In other words, the seed that would be produced by this profane mixture would be destroyed. You might be wondering what Church had such an indictment brought against it? It was the church in Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-25).

      We are living in serious times. Even though a segment of the church has come into agreement with the philosophies and practices of the world, Jesus remains the same. This means the truth has not changed either.

      To me the great message that must be heard by the Church is that of genuine repentance. Repentance from that which is profane, lifeless, and deadly is necessary before conversion towards that which is living, true, pure, and right can take place. It is obvious that there is a great covering of wickedness being cast over people to hide the grave darkness (Isaiah 25:7; 30:6). Christians need to hear what the Spirit is saying if they are to avoid, and flee from the tentacles of the great judgment that will sweep the world.

      This brings me to the final message of Jesus to those of the body of Thyatira who had not discovered the depth of Satan through spiritual whoredom. He told them that He would put no other burden on them other than the one they already possessed. He than instructed them to hold fast until He comes.

      What is the burden Jesus was talking about? It is hard to say, but I could guess that the burden is to be faithful to keep doctrine pure, truth sharp, and love directed towards the One who is worthy to receive it. The burden also probably included separation and resistance from becoming involved with the unholy agreement in their midst.

      How must we stand in these end days? The Bible is clear that we must endure to the end if we are going to be saved. This will also require believers to possess their souls in patience(Matthew 24:13; Luke 21:19). It will require discernment, separation from the unholy, and total consecration to holiness.