Facing The Elements Part 13

Facing the Elements Part 13 GRAY DAYS By Rayola Kelley       We are in the time of what I consider to be the “in-between” of seasons. It’s still winter, but we’re just a little over a month away from stepping into spring. This is a period of gray days. Recently, the fog hangs around nearly […]

Times Are A Changing

Facing the Elements Part 12 TIMES ARE A CHANGING By Rayola Kelley       Creation reminds us that everything is in flux. We have the seasons that bring in necessary changes to ensure that life continues. We have time to mark changes in our lives to bring about maturity in body, soul, and spirit, we have […]

Transforming Love & Beyond

One of the great desires and searches of the human heart surrounds love. In our society it has been promoted to the point that it has become an obsession that is used to fill the financial coffers of many in the movie and music industry. Sadly, the subject of love is exploited and promoted in […]