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“Of all the books I’ve ever read on faith, (and I’ve read a lot of them), this one is by far the best.  I’ve gained faith to go higher in God; faith to endure; faith to believe and faith to overcome.” — GC, ID

“In Search of Real Faith is such an open and honest book!  In fact, it’s the best book on faith I have ever read!” — LH, ID

“This book was truly a journey into the different walks of faith we can take because of our unrealistic ideas, disillusionment and eagerness to serve God.  But if one has a heart for truth, God will try our faith (a genuine faith) bringing it forth as gold.” – KD, WA

“I was challenged and humbled by the example given of the faith walk.  Too many times it is taught as “pie in the sky” theology.  If we have just enough faith, then we will have an easy time.  Not so.  This book will re-define what “real faith” is as well as encourage you to deepen your level of faith.” – SW, OR

“I absolutely love your Faith book and want to order extra copies to use in our weekly Bible study.” — JT, WA

“In Search of Real Faith grips your heart from start to finish.  Unlike other books on this vital Christian subject, Faith takes you by the hand and leads you on an unforgettable and progressive journey that culminates in renewed hope and purpose. Faith is a readable book that is easy to identify with while at the same time opening up the Word of God in greater ways.” — JH, ID