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“I have read Revelation of the Cross twice and cried through most of the book.  What an incredibly in-depth and anointed work!” — JH, ID

“This book is the most powerful, anointed revelation of the cross I have ever read.  I literally cried through the whole book as it transformed my life by unveiling a personal application of the cross.”
— KD, WA

“I have to say that this book challenged me greatly.  My understanding of the cross has been largely gained from false teaching.  The cross has come to mean much more than that of the watered down teachings I have had.  Not only is it salvation and life to me, but has caused me to go through a real spiritual re-birth.  I now see Jesus and His work on the cross in a whole new light.  I feel as though I have missed so much and am hungry to know Him more.” — SW, OR