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“Your Sacred Cow book is very wonderful!  Very interesting as well!” — JD, OR

“Thanks so much for Bring Down the Sacred Cows!  I’ve read it through already but…I need to read it over and over to make things sink in!  It was a very eye-opening book and it answered many questions for me!  Our kids are grown and gone now but I want them to read the book too so they’ll have the proper tools and spiritual education to have a good marriage and raise a family.  The book will help us, too, as we ‘grow old’ together!” — PD, WA

“I love Bring Down the Sacred Cows!  It gave me greater insight and understanding of the four natures and their cycles.  It is so well laid out that I am much better able to ‘see’ the natures of those around me.” — CR, ID

“This book is a masterpiece!  I wish everyone could have a copy of it and read, study and apply the priceless treasures it reveals on every page.  What a difference we would see in marriages and families!  Truly the wisdom in this book was inspired by the Holy Spirit!” — RH, ID

“Absolutely enriched my marriage and gave me a greater understanding of my husband.  Has enabled us to minister more effectively together.  We have a two-year-old child and the book has helped us in understanding his nature.  Also gave us direction in parenting now and for the future.  I would recommend this book to anyone who struggles with any relationships.” — SW, OR