Contending for the faith | Making Disciples | Equipping the Saints for Ministry


by Rayola Kelley Spiritual Survival Series
The Broad Path or The Narrow Way? Part 15
Reformation or Revival? Part 14
Mental Assent or Conversion? Part 13
Wishful Thinking or Preparation? Part 12
Legalism or Grace? Part 11
Hypocrisy or Love? Part 10
Tolerance or Charity? Part 9
Duty or Intent? Part 8
Condemnation or Conviction? Part 7
Knowledge or Revelation? Part 6
Association or Identification? Part 5
Resistance or Repentance? Part 4
Curses or Blessings Part 3
Preference or Truth Part 2
Sinner or Saint Part 1-Discipleship Series
Passing Through Part 2
Passing Through Part 1
The Cover Up Part 4
The Cover Up Part 3
The Cover Up Part 2
The Cover Up Part 1
Need To Make An Exchange?
God Has Chosen The Way
The Traps of Abundance
The Face of Prejudice
Another Year
Do You Have a Right Attitude?
Possessing True Authority
Taking Things for Granted
The Age Old Struggle
The Perfect Resolution
Are you a Winner or a Loser?
Are You Careless?
Friendship: With Man and God
Cycles of Life
Mirror, Mirror
Weighed in the Balances
Are You A New Age Christian?
Business As Usual?
Tragedy in America
Are You Playing The Game?
Searching Hearts
Discernment (Q & A)
How Are You Handling Truth?
Why Walk Through A Minefield?
Looking for Something Radical?
What Time Do You Live In?
Perception vs. Words of Life
Offended Lately
The Light In The Darkness
by Jeannette Haley It Just Isn’t Worth It
Devil’s Food

Are You Riding In The Boxcar, Drinking Milk?

Moving The Stop Sign

The Flaming Sword
A Perfect Heart In An Imperfect World Part 3
A Perfect Heart In An Imperfect World Part 2
A Perfect Heart In An Imperfect World Part 1
Which Way Are You Looking?
A Living Sacrifice
Who Is Ashamed? (Part Two)
Who Is Ashamed? (Part One)
Knock Knock
“S” Doesn’t Always Stand For Spring
The Blunt Sword
Letting Go
When Good Is Bad And Beautiful is Evil
The Games People Play
And The Wind Blew
Both Sides of The Coin
The Red Bull
What to Fear
The Lofty and the Lowly
You, The Shaking And The Ministry
From Pleasure To Delight
Christian Soldiers or Cowards?
Road Construction
The Secret Garden
Hanging On
Be Still
Jumping Through Hoops, or Running The Race?
Love And Responsibility
The Pure Heart
Arguing With God
Glorifying God
Tell Them I am Coming
Truth or Consequences
Gardening and the Christian Life
Are You An Anemic Christian?
Beyond the Veil
Satan’s Counterfeits
What About Christian Psychology?
God’s Will and Suffering
Creed or Christ?
When Giving Is Sin
Winds of Adversity
Integrity and Character
The Judas Spirit vs. The Fruit of the Spirit
Repentance and Revival
What Spirit Are You Of?
How Conditioned Are You?
by Rayola Kelley and
Jeannette Haley
Open Letter to TEENS