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by Jeannette Haley The Forgotten Foe
The Time Has Come

Dare To Discern – The Holy Spirit (Part 2)
Dare To Discern – The Holy Spirit (Part 1)
Dare To Discern (Part 7)
Dare To Discern (Part 6)
Dare To Discern (Part 5)

Dare To Discern (Part 4)

Dare To Discern (Part 3)

Dare To Discern (Part 2)

Dare To Discern (Part 1)
Because I Say So (Part 2)
Because I Say So (Part 1)
The Greatest Prophet (Part 3)
The Greatest Prophet (Part 2)
The Greatest Prophet (Part 1)
The Religious Spirit
Misdirected Sympathy
In The Middle
Form And Denial
The Most Dangerous People In The World
Father of Lies
Where is Discernment?
Doors and Demons
God’s Children, One and All?
A Worm In The Apple
The Winds are Blowing and the Party is Over
What’s Wrong With Jesus? (Part 2)
What’s Wrong With Jesus? (Part 1)
Prophets of Pride
The Way of Wolves
Satan’s Counterfeits
Super-Spiritualism Intellectualism & Ignorance
by Rayola Kelley Discernment (Part 7)-The Spirit of The World

Discernment (Part 6)-Facing Self
Discernment (Part 5) -Examining The Spirit

Discernment (Part 4) – Testing The Spirit
Discernment (Part 3) – Falling Away

Discernment (Part 2)-Types of Discernment

Discernment (Part 1) – A Missing Necessity


Conning God
The Power of Words