Church Issues


by Rayola Kelly &
Jeannette Haley
by Rayola Kelley
Unfeigned Faith (Part 10)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 9)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 8)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 7)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 6)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 5)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 4)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 3)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 2)
Unfeigned Faith (Part 1)
The Judgment of Vanity (Part 4)
The Judgment of Vanity (Part 3)
The Judgment of Vanity (Part 2)
The Judgment of Vanity (Part 1)
Finding Hope in Great Darkness
The Blessed Hope (Part 4)
The Blessed Hope (Part 3)
The Blessed Hope (Part 2)
The Blessed Hope (Part 1)
Have You Heard The Latest?
Our Final Authority (Part 3)
Our Final Authority (Part 2)
Our Final Authority (Part 1)
The Shift (Part 5) – Coming Back to Center
The Shift (Part 4) – Worldview
The Shift (Part 3)
The Shift (Part 2) – The Church
The Shift (Part 1) – The Center
Are You a Spiritual Invalid?
The Mystery Unveiled (Part 1)
The Mystery Unveiled (Part 2)
Godly Confrontation
Love That Changes And Endures
Are You Finishing The Course?
Changing Our World View
Delusion, Reality, Or Truth (Part 1)
Delusion, Reality, Or Truth (Part 2)
New Breed Of Fanaticism
Confused About The Church?
A Covenant People?
Trying to Find Balance
Did Jesus Die Spiritually?
Do You Belong To A Camp?
The Maze of Christmas
by Jeannette Haley
Which Church Is Jesus Building?
When He Came, When He Comes
Kingdom Against Kingdom
Away With Him
Ministry, What In The World Is It?
True Ministry
What is the Church?
Dry Wells, Empty Clouds The Greatest Prophet
Hot House Christians
The Dreadful Thud
One In The Spirit
Winners And Losers, What Makes The Difference?
Are You Diligent?
The True Meaning Of Unity
Jihad, The Church and the New World Order
Definition of a Godly Pastor
Is The Church Israel?
They Paid a Price
Music With a Message
Traditions of Men or Word of God?
Pick-and-Choose Christians
Wise Men
Lord of All